the first day with Anaïs

After the post I wrote about Mina, it’s was natural to continue with Anaïs : we all have in mind the lovely sessions the two girls did together. One day, I got an email from a young woman living in south france : she was 19 years old and was attracted by the fetish universe, I could even say she was fascinated by all the things we love. You won’t be surprised to read that Anaïs is my favorite model among all the amazing girls I worked with … maybe because she wasn’t only seeking some nice pics, Anaïs was also exploring her mind and I was the one able to change her fantasies in real situations. I got a better contact with Anaïs because she was sharing her intimate thoughts with this touch of psychology I like. More than a nice person, she is a clever woman and that’s something I appreciate for several reasons … it helped to enjoy all the sessions we did for more than two years. Quickly she became a kinky student in Paris, shooting every saturday for Captive Culture : I wrote a lot on my blog about these crazy days at home then you probably know almost everything about Anaïs.

She was modeling for few months when we got our first meeting : Anaïs was pretty shy and unsure about her beauty. She tried ropes one day but she was seeking for more. So, I got the chance to discover a lovely girl who wanted to live these situations she was watching on the internet : we quickly got a nice feeling and she even got suspended during the screen test I was used to organize for new models at this time. She was so motivated than she was giving her energy to me … and that’s why we were always doing more than expected. We were two kinky minds playing together and I loved to make her discover new games. Every session was like a new canvas : Anaïs lived the exciting situations that she was dreaming to experience and I got the chance to capture every second of her discovery.

That day, Anaïs did her first photo series for Captive Culture. She wanted to try the ballet shoes then we started with rope bondage : standing on extra high heels isn’t easy but she did it … and I even suspended one of her legs in the air. After this, we played on the floor using bamboo and ropes. Anaïs enjoyed the pleasures of nipple play. One of these games that she discovered in front of my lens … we did more than fifty sessions together and Anaïs lived so many situations for our common pleasure : strict bondage, latex fetish, sensual love, slave training, hot wax, spanking, orgasm and breath control. All this was more than taking pictures and you can feel it on several pictures we made together : you should check the blog archives if you need a reminder. Click on the icon below to browse all the posts related to this french girl. Once again, I would like to thank Anaïs for the passion that she brought to our sessions !


shot on 2005, June 30
published on Captive Culture


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