the first session with Greta

Back in 2000, November 18 … 22 years ago to the day ! Let’s share some memories about Greta, my first muse. I met her when she was under 18 and we had to wait before being able to organize her first photo session. I often use the word “first” but that’s important to my eyes. Your feeling is always stronger when you do something new : that’s the same when you shoot a woman for the first time. You know that her state of mind is different : she’s curious, nervous, excited and even more. As a photographer, the pleasure is also this exploration of an unknown territory. In the case of BDSM photography, you are not only exploring the body of your partner but also her secret thoughts. So, one week after her 18th birthday, Greta caught my eyes and seduced my lens … for me, this shooting has been the real start of Captive Culture with two photo series and several nice pics of this gothic girl also known as Lorelei before she changed her nickname for my website.

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