Captive Culture Anniversary

22 years ago, I started my adventure and created the domain name Captive Culture … one week later, my website has been launched with two photo series only. Today, I should be writing a blog post to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Captive Culture but my mind is empty and the mood isn’t good. I was thinking being able to propose something cool for this moment but things have been complicated this month. I didn’t have the special fan art expected and got no time to organize the FAQ mentioned on twitter … the last weeks have been focused on my heatlh issues and some administrative stuff that I have to manage. That’s sad but all this got a negative impact on my ability to celebrate this event. That’s life, we are all humans and if I took the time to weekly update the blog sharing some nice memories recently, I couldn’t do more. So, today, I am only going to write these lines and share one archive containing some pics & vids which have been posted long time ago and you could appreciate to watch again or maybe discover …

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