Jerome Duplessis
by Ashley Renee
for the website Ashley Renee Playground

photo series 269-02 by Jerome Duplessis - picture for the blog page INTERVIEW 2010

When did you first realize you were into bondage ?

I started being interested by BDSM at 13 years old … I don’t know the reason, probably because I saw lot of classic movies featuring damsel in distress and power exchange relationship. My taste for bondage increased later with some japanese books bought in adult shops and I definately became mad of tight restraint with the arrival of the internet.

Who was your mentor and what impressed you the most ?

I must say watching other’s work is something I stopped making my own pictures, just because I prefer to stay focus on my ideas and universe. But, before I built the Captive Culture universe, Cory Thompson inspired me a lot : everybody knows I liked the spirit of Mr T. which helped me to discover glamour bondage. Shortfuse was proposing a cool atmosphere, sharp pictures and delightful models : his period with Jim Weathers was great, inspiring and I wanted to do something similar in France … I have always been respectful about the work of these two riggers and I opened the way in Europe proposing a real alternative with local “girls next door” discovering bondage.

What do you like most about owning and running your own site and what do you like the least ?

I liked the “old school” internet, full of people sharing their passion. The world wide web changed a lot since this time and running the website is less fun than before. I like the way you can show another way to explore your fantasies and that’s always interesting to read some comments like “I know your site for years, it helped me a lot” … that’s the best part of the human side of running your own website. Like lot of webmasters, I don’t like the long hours needed for image editing !

On Captive Culture you obviously love latex (and I know why) but I have to say I’m a huge fan of your photography. What’s your favorite fetish and why ?

Initially, I had a fetish for shiny clothes but, after few years shooting more and more outfits, some others fetishes appeared : high heel shoes, nylon stockings, transparent or tight clothes … and natural ropes. Of course, latex is ranked #2 after bondage which is my main fetish, I like the smell, look and feeling of latex : associated to restraint and slave training, tight latex is damn hot. Of course, latex works for the submissive and dominant sides, and that’s the reason why I do love it … so sensual for a woman !

Do you have a favorite rigger ? (besides yourself of course !)

If I should have to say one name, it would be Cory because his work has been important in my taste for glamour bondage. But I don’t have other name to give, there are lot of great riggers around the world, the most talented aren’t always the most famous, of course, the knowledge of japanese rope artist is impressive but I am not the kind of guy making a fight between western or eastern bondage. The two sides are great to watch and play.

What’s your favorite gag ?

I like a simple ball-gag with chin restraint or a panel gag (head harness with ball-gag under the piece of leather) : it depends about the girl I want to gag and the feeling I want to give to her. I do love the panl-gag because he looks more impressive for the visual ans psychological aspect …

Is there someone you’d like to work with but haven’t been able to ?

Some models … Dita is a dream for most of all, and you of course because you would like my ties !

What do you look for in a model ?

I need to feel she likes my universe, my work and my sensibility. I like to challenge and make her discover new things … I did it so many times with french girls than I am addict to this feeling ! It’s very pleasant when you’re the first guy to tie a girl and she discovers her taste for ropes with you. I can deal with several body shapes, except the fat girls but I need nice hair and face to give my best …

I know you recently opened your blog site. What can members expect inside Captive Culture ?

In fact, I added a free blog to Captive Culture because I noticed lot of people appreciate the personal blog I run since 2007 : so, the time was come to propose an area dedicated to the Captive Culture pictures without my photographer’s thoughts.

What are your plans for the future ?

I live day by day so, I don’t have something special in mind. I would like to travel a little more but, unfortunately, time is passing fast and it’s not easy to leave my country even for a while. I think you know this feeling.

I have heard so many nice things about you and your photography is so amazing you have to promise me if you come to LA we’ll be able to work together … it would be a very nice experience and I’d get lovely content !

I would like too !

Are the californian girls or french girls better models LOL ?

French girls are “girl next door” beauty but they are lovely, natural, very thin but not really skilled into modeling … french girls and american models work nice together, we noticed it when Rachel Paine shot years ago with Dana Carlier, one of my muses. We had the best of the two worlds !

Thank you again !

Many thanks Ashley, I am proud being featured on your website.