Jerome Duplessis
by Nattsol
for the website Fetish Divas

photo series 173-01

I guess a lot of our readers would like to know, who are the persons behind Captive Culture ?

In fact, there is only one people who created Captive Culture. Me … my nickname is Jerome Duplessis and I started this adventure with a small web page on 1996. I shared my taste for fetish photography with more and more visitors every week, so, one day, i decided to make my own pictures … and I opened another website named dedicated to these own productions. at the beginning, things were amateurish, but, after several months, our series became very attractive, mainly because I capture the beauty of french girls discovering BDSM in front of the camera … I did a lot of pics and vids since year 2000.

Can you tell us a little bit about the site ?

Captive Culture is a place where 3 universes are mixed : bdsm games, glamour bondage and fetish outfits. Mixing these 3 universes is the best way to obtain a classy and true BDSM game with lovely women in exciting situations … the site is very large, proposing today (on april 2004), more than 13 000 exclusive pictures and 960 movie files !

Where do you get your inspiration ?

My inspiration ? Everywhere ! Life can inspire a lot of things but, if we’d think about the web only, I was really impressed by the work of Cory Thompson and Jim Weathers … I really appreciated the Suze Randall fetish images at the beginning even if I don’t like to see beautiful women, dressed with shiny clothes using dildos after the 5th picture only. My work is a BDSM exploration, not a sexual fantasy.

How many models do you have ?

In 3 years, I worked with more than 30 different girls …. some girls came for one day, some girls did a lot of sessions with I. some girls stopped for modeling, some others are always working for Captive Culture and my other sites Latex Culture and Lady Femdom. Do you want to know something cool ? Like in a real BDSM relation, games and situations become harder and better when you work a lot of with the same girl … you can put back her own limits and help her to explore some new exciting situations.

Do you have your own studio ?

Yes, I work with my models and my clothes in a small house near Paris (France) … that’s the best thing when you want to tie for several hours.

Do you have a final statement, for our readers ?

Don’t hesitate to visit the site, a lot of free pictures are waiting for you !