Jerome Duplessis
by Lucy
for the blog Lucy Boots

photo series 206-01 by Jerome Duplessis - picture for the blog page INTERVIEW 2007

Part 1 – The man behind the camera

In your own words, what makes your site Captive Culture different than other bondage sites ?

I don’t know if Captive Culture is different than other bondage sites. We all love the same things and we all fight against the risk to disappear. A lot of people think bondage websites are similar to the porn industry. But some people didn’t forget we started the internet adventure like true bondage lovers. Nowadays, we are nothing more than small and independant producers fighting to go on sharing their passion worldwide. That’s the reason why the bondage websites changed a lot in last two years and became more sexy, more erotic … more explicite. Because the truth is you can’t survive proposing soft bondage like we did few years ago. I personnally regret this evolution, just because bondage is a serious thing and too many people think negatively when they hear words like “bondage” or “sado-masochism”. Bondage should always be fun and aesthetic : a lot of websites only show the “hard way” where women are sexually abused and belittled. I don’t like it and this is probably a limit I don’t want to cross even if it’s a survival question for my website. Now, I can answer your question. I don’t think my website is different but I know there is a difference which is important to me : women love my pictures, they appreciate the atmosphere in my productions, probably because I propose something different than showing pussies of bound girls. I think there is something more in the scenes and this is a real difference.

At what age did you discover that you had a bondage fetish and how did it come about ?

I know a lot of bondage lovers are obsessed about this question. They talk a lot about it. To be honnest, I don’t know when it started in me. I just remember several things in my childhood which could reveal my brain was already pervert when I was a child. I was more interested by restraint and captivity at this time. Later, when I was 24, Internet started in France and I was able to discover what bondage really means through some websites who inspired me a lot when I started my own photography.

What was your profession before being a webmaster for bondage
sites ? How did you fall into this profession ?

I love to speak about it because it’s very unusual. All this adventure is an accident. One day, I started my personal homepage to share some pictures I love. I was a manager in the DTP industry (printing, editing). It was a serious job and I was pretty good in this, working for the french government and some really companies internationnaly known. One day, I decided to shoot my own pictures and then started the Captive Culture adventure. One year later, I decided to quit my “serious” job where I had no more challenge (it was always the same thing and I was a bit bored working on all these books). That’s how I became an “adult” webmaster and producer only … not only working on evenings or week-ends.

From what I can tell, you mostly take erotically “softcore” pictures and videos. Why have you decided to focus on softcore pictures ? Do you ever plan on doing any hardcore material ?

Oooops … sounds like I partially answered to this question. I will explain more. In fact, there are two reasons why I focus on softcore productions. First, I am not a sex addicted, I mean, I’ve never been interested by the basic sexual art. Sex must be love and/or pervert. that’s probably why I am not interested by porn movies (except when I was 12 or 13 years old LOL). porn is often basic and boring to me. So, in the opposite of a lot of men, I am not a “pussy” maniac and I had others things to shoot than “pussy” when I started my own photography. Second, I was a pioneer in France : no real membership websites and I don’t speak about bondage which was something weird here. So, we didn’t have a lot of models available for shooting except amateurs models or girls working in the porn industry. Like I explained before, I was a serious man working in a serious job, then, I didn’t want to work with girls doing porn (probably because I was more comfortable with less extroverted women). I started shooting amateur models interested by one aesthetic and softcore vision and they were totally disagree to do and show more. Things changed a little bit since this time but we are always on the same basis : no professional models, only few photographers able to pay modeling fees and always three worlds (the “saint” girls shooting no nudity, the “sexy” girls doing more and the “bad” girls making porn) I imagine things are the same around the world … this is not easy for a model to decide leaving the “no nudity” category, moreover when you’re a “captive” girl and all the “saints” girls gossip about you.

The bindings for your models are some of the most elaborate I’ve seen. How did you learn to tie knots like that ? (Or, are you the one tying the women up so elaborately ?) What is your creative inspiration for new bindings ?

Like a lot of people … I started by making horrible ropeworks LOL That’s true, my bondage became interesting after two years of practice. I learnt it by myself, fighting with ropes on my models or my friends. I was able to try more creative bindings when I was good enough to manage my stress (fighting with ropes causes a lot of stress specially when you know the girl is waiting for you or when you see the result is not what you want). I don’t have special inspiration … sometimes I have some ideas before to start my ropework, sometimes not. My inspiration and creativity will also depend on my partner. more I know her, more I can do something complicated. You have to know her better than she does. You have to guess what she feels and you have to know when to stop before she needs to ask. Anyway, experience learnt me something : it’s better to improvise just because your partner’s comfort is the most important thing. Then, you have to manage her tiredness and change your plans if needed. that’s I prefer to not have plans LOL Bondage is like love : you know the theory but you need to live each minute with cheating or calculating.

Are you married ? Kids ? What do your family and friends think about your bondage sites ?

I am single and satisfied about it. Love is a far-off memory. Some people are made to be alone … I think I’m in the team LOL I think it’s better because I can’t give happiness to the woman I love … and it would be more difficult having a serious relationship with this job. My girlfriend could have some problems to manage it (envy or complex) except if she would be a model too … and I don’t mix job and pleasure. “no fuck in job”. My family and specially my friends know my work … their feeling ? officially “oh that’s so cool”, really “it’s evil, he’s mad”. I’ve lost a lot of friends since I started the Captive Culture adventure but it’s difficult to be sure about the cause : maybe it’s because I work 7 days a week, maybe it’s me (I changed, I admit … mainly because this work is a social-life killer) or just because they hate what I do. More seriously, I think it’s a mix of these 3 reasons !

If you have a daughter … how would you feel if she wanted to participate in a bondage site like this ?

This is really interesting and pervert question … I love it ! I don’t have a daughter then I can’t answer but I would like to speak about it. If having child wouldn’t change me, I think I wouldn’t have any problem if she’d like modeling for bondage website as far as it’s for Captive Culture : that’s a pervert answer I know LOL… She would be safe with us. More seriously, she would take less risk working with serious bondage websites than taking train or walking in the street. Bondage is not risky when you’re tied by people who know what to do and who are able to make the difference between “I tie a girl” and “I fuck a girl because she’s tied”. But because I think having kids would change me, I could be disagree with her desire to be bound. I am too anxious for that !

Your models ooze sex appeal and temptation must be everywhere ! How do you stay professional in your environment ?

As I said, I’m not this kind of guy who is obsessed by two words “pussy” and “fuck” … or “fuck” and “pussy”. I am favoured by this. It’s also a question of respect towards the girls (and not only my models). Even if I am sometimes a bit rude, there is a limit I’d never bypass : their intimacy. I know to control myself and to manage my emotions when we speak about serious things like this. I’ve always had a severe opinion about men who rape girls, I think this is because I don’t understand why they can loose control or they can be so horrible. That’s probably why I never be tempted to take unfair advantage of the situation.

How do you make a new model gain your trust and feel comfortable with you taking pictures of her ?

Several models already told me I inspire confidence. Maybe because they feel I am not a sexual predator. Also because I always consider their feeling and their comfort, I know when you I have to smile, joke or stop speaking to avoid the girl thinks the “tight” situation is real. Every shooting is acting even the girls give sometimes a lot from themselves. Thinking too much is easy when you’re tied, naked and waiting for the photographer. You can be anxious or simply uncomfortable about the situation. As the producer and as a respectful man, I have to protect the model against these bad thoughts. It’s the most difficult part of the job sometimes : a fragile balance between “what you need” and “what she wants”. Things are more easy Now I am known in France and I have a good reputation. The girls know I am hard to please but I don’t touch them … except when I need to tie them and, even at this time, I don’t have wandering hands like some photographers I know. To conclude, to avoid any misunderstanding, I am assisted since several years by a female assistant who is also a model. So, I don’t need to gain their trust, they give it to me because they know my studio is a safe place to work.

Do you ever date and / or party with your models ? Have you ever fallen in love with one of them ? Ever have a falling out with one of them ?

I’ve always tried to separate my job and my private life. It’s not easy because I work with girls who accept to reveal their physical intimacy. So, I have to return something of me if I want to act humanely towards these people. My deeply opinion is the best winning move is being distant but it’s not my nature. I listen, I talk but I avoid all things the model could misunderstand. I rarely go to the restaurant and I never go a party except for business. Of course, there are some exceptions and I share more things with my assistant who work with me every week-end … but it’s always sporadic and friendly. I think this is the best thing for my models and me. I know my nature and being too close from someone is sometimes risky. Like of lot of young men, I got a strong feeling for my best friend when I was 20 and I never forgot this experience. It doesn’t mean I am immunized : I’ve got one ambiguous relationship with one of my first models. She was 18 and full of life when I was going on my 30 and had a boring life full of work. She was searching somebody able to love her honestly. She took more and more space from day to day and then I started to question myself.
Finally, we took different ways before to get together two years later just like good friends. So, technically, you consider I already loved one of my models but, in fact, I was more interested by the young tormented student than by the model dressed in latex. That’s is the only case … 6 years old now !

What is a deep, dark fantasy of yours that still hasn’t happened yet ?

I am not sure about the meaning of your question. do you mean fantasy I would like to shoot ? This job is a dream for a lot of people … just because you can explore a lot of things including your own fantasies. I shot a lot of things, more than I could expect when I started. If one of my models woud live the experience like I would be faced to the situation, maybe I would like to shoot an extreme punishment scene. I don’t like the “negative pain”, I know S&M involve pain but I’ve always thought than fun and pleasure must be prevailing. Even when I do spanking videos, I stop when the girl begins to be really uncomfortable. Explore my dark side should bring the girl to tears … if this woman really wants to explore this dark fantasy.

What can a woman do to you that turns you on more than anything ?

She must be brilliant, pervert, funny and creative. I would be definately interested. If she’s just pervert, there is no chance to turn me on. Even if she’s a truly sexy bitch !

What can a woman let you do to her that turns you on more than anything ?

If she lets me being pervert, funny, creative and protective … we are in the danger zone !

In bed, are you always dominant towards women or have you ever switched roles ? If so, how far would you let them go ?

Life is a domination game. sometimes you want to be the boss, sometimes you don’t want. Bed is nothing more than a life area and I can switch role. I could let me go as far as both of us live a fun and intense game. But it’s only a game, the game shouldn’t change the balance of power : equal the day after. Of course, this is the theory … some S&M games can modify your opinion or feeling about your partner and that’s why I always recommend to avoid extreme games.

If you could have any celebrity to bind and photograph for a day, who would it be ?

Andrea Parker aka Miss Parker in “The Pretender” TV show could be a delicious victim as far as her “bitch” mode is ON. Strong minds are the most interesting to make captive.

Part 2 – The models in front of the camera

What makes a good bondage model ? What physical and personality traits do you look for when you select them ?

My opinion didn’t change about one thing : the most important for a model is her face and her ability to express something intense or sexy with her eyes and/or mouth. Because all bondage games are based on fun, pain or pleasure, it’s really important to work with girls able to share or create these three emotions. You can do basic bondage, if the girl’s face makes you think something sexy or pervert, you’re in ! Physically, a good bondage model is a woman who is flexible and resistant. She knows her body and her limit and the best way to manage the restraint. Basically, more flexible the girl is, less bondage will be restricting. I noticed dancers are generally really good in bondage modeling because they learnt discipline, suppleness, tenacity and pain. One last thing : if the girl loves to be bound or if she only loves the bondage aesthetism, you will definately do better shoots with her.

What makes French women so sexy and beautiful ?

I think there are beautiful women around the world. Some details are more specific for specifical regions or countries. In France, girls are concerned about their weight and their skin : that’s the reason why french girls are so thin and they probably look so nice. To my opinion, french girls could be the best models if they could work regularly with pro photographers (but they can’t actually) and if they would be more concerned about their career (a lot of them don’t do the right choices). That’s pity because I worked with several non-local models and I can assure you french models are the most interesting to work with ! There is maybe another reason why french models are so sexy … just because they are more reserved than others, they are sexy without being nasty (I mean obscene).

Who is your most popular model currently ? What makes her so in demand ?

I can’t answer to this question just because every people have different reasons to love one model. One thing I know is you can bring one model to the top if she’s motivated and ready to listen my advices. One sure thing is members love the girls who don’t cheat : they need to feel passion, pleasure or fun in the model’s eyes.

In general, what do some of the models do when they are not posing for you bondage sites ?

When I started, almost all my models were modeling and working as secretary or hostess job. Since several years, models are mainly students … French girls love to be shot when they just past 18 years old and a lot of them stopped before 22 (mainly because they can’t live modeling or just because they are tired about this activity).

Do the girls generally get along ? Do they ever form relationships with each other outside of work ?

Some of my models are used to chat or going to parties together, generally, there is a good feeling between the girls even if some tensions can exist… This job is an accelerated life : you meet, you love, you hate. More you love one day, more you can hate the day after !

Do you have a favorite model that you work with ? What makes her special ?

I’ve already got 4 models I really appreciated to work with more like others.
4 models, 4 periods and 4 different and similar reasons to prefer these women. I know people who would compared them to my muses. It’s a little too much for my vocabulary. One sure thing is these 4 girls inspired me a lot. I loved their faces, eyes, body, style and what they gave to me. It’s not easy to be a “captive girl” and those 4 models trusted me and worked more than others. They will personify my vision of feminity forever and each of them symbolizes what my photographic path was at different ages. All of them were good people and I have a lot of tenderness for them … even if I have some regrets too.

Ever have a model try to seduce you ? Was it because she was really attracted to you or was it for more devious reasons ?

It happened one time. One model played the seduction game but I was totally unreceptive just because I knew it was for devious reasons. But, this is one exception … I am not the kind of man a girl tries to seduce. I am too ugly and impressive for that LOL

Many beautiful women who work in the “adult” industry often come from abused or broken families. Do you find this to be true with your models ? If so, how do you manage their fragile egos and emotions ? Have you ever pushed a model too far ?

I never worked with a model who lived a trigedy when she was younger. But adolescence was complicated for several of these girls. You always start modeling for personal reasons and that’s the reason why this job is so intense and interesting. Human is a wonderful but difficult case. I always think about my models and I try to protect them. But as I said at the beginning of this interview, I have a job to do and you can’t shoot sexy pictures without any risk. I was probably more understanding few years ago … my opinion about this job changed, I’ve learnt a lot of things with models and I am more directive than before. Every model has her own limits. You can deal with some of these limits or you can’t. I rarely accept to shoot a girl if her limits are not compatible with my productions. Generally, more you work with one model and more she tries to satisfy you. It’s dangerous because, sometimes, the girl decides to pass her limits to please you. In my bad days, I often think about some models I’ve shot and I can’t deny some decisions were better for me than for them. I don’t think I’ve ever pushed a model too far (they are the only one able to judge) but I am not undisturbed about this possibility. I just hope models I’ve worked with don’t consider me as a bad man … but I am not sure about it. For the little story, one day, I spoke about spanking video with one of my models. She answered me “my father was used to spank me when I was a child, I don’t like it but I think I could manage the pain”. I didn’t accept to play this game because I was almost sure she would be more uncomfortable about the spanking situation.

Have you ever had a model freak out while she was in her bindings (like if one suddenly became claustrophobic in her latex) ?

Never. We go slowly and I am used to test the model before. Some of them are anxious sometimes but their final smiles are a victory for me.

I have to imagine some of the girls must get turned on during a shoot, especially with those tight ropes rubbing in all the right places. Do you ever capture orgasms on film ?

I think a man can’t answer this question : you know guys are unable to guess when a girl is cheating or not. Seriously, I think some girls lived intense experiences here, I’ve already shot “physical” orgasms (just because one girl can’t be stimulated by a vibrator for several minutes without any muscular reaction) but this is not what I call “real” orgasm. I have too many respect for my models who accepts to shoot “sexual” scenes, I don’t sum up the situation to this question. What the girls really think and live during our sessions is not my business. I just hope some of them enjoyed their shootings, this would be better for them !

Have you ever had to fire a model ? What for ?

It almost happened one time during a shooting. I told the girl she’s was there to work … I was really unsatisfied about her work. But, generally, I prefer to wait for the ending and never call her back for another shooting. I rarely explain the situation to the girl … I don’t want more problems and I don’t want to hurt her. I’ve learnt one thing working with politicians : “don’t give people reasons to hate you”

Who is your bravest model ? Is there one that will let you try anything on her without limits ?

I wouldn’t accept this … we need limits to be happy ! But, this time, I will give names … Dana was probably the bravest, like Rachel Paine (one famous US bondage model) told me when we worked together : “she took a lot for you’. I always loved this, specially because her deeply nature is not being a submissive ! I would like to mention another model, Anaïs who was the first to break the “sex” taboo on Captive Culture. She brought one touch of sexual erotism to my productions and I really appreciated it. Like Dana did few years before with bondage, she sent a message to others models … something like “you can do it, that’s not gonna hurt you”. They played for the team and they did their job even if it wasn’t easy. Thank You !

How much creativity do the models bring to the shoots ? Do you know exactly what you want to see from them or sometimes just “turn them loose” to have fun with each other ?

Basically, if I work well with one model and if she inspire me, I am able to shoot what she wants. In another hand, if I feel the model is not involved in my productions or if I am not satisfied about her modeling, I decide about everything and there is no synergy. In one word, my favorite models are able to combine what they want and what I need … in these conditions, it’s a pleasure to get fresh ideas ! Our continuing mission : to explore strange universes or seek out new fantasies !

Do the models ever tell you their own fantasies ? Is there a common theme and do you ever use their fantasies in your shoots ?

It happens … and when the girls share it, we do it. These informations are essential and there are not enough girls who dare to speak about it. We almost do a better shooting in this case.

If I wanted to become a model for you, how would I go about it ? What would you have in store for an amateur like myself ?

Email me and we’ll speak about it. Wanna be a captive girl ? Every lovely woman shoud visit Paris one day !