photo series 173-01

photo series 173-01

85 images starring Dana + Diva
available to download


I guess you already know the classroom photo series … one of my favorites. Dana was the Mistress teaching obedience to a submissive student played by Diva. You can see a map on the wall behind, it was used in french schools long time ago. Dana was simply amazing with this rubber corset : perfect shape but so tight we had to release her waist before the end. You should like the latex lingerie worn by Diva which was semi-transparent. We also love discipline and this young woman had to be spanked … Dana enjoyed to smack her lovely bum ! If our shooting was focused on power exchange and shiny latex, rope bondage was highly recommended to please the kinky schoolgirl. That day, she got tickled till exhaustion.

shot on 2004, December 29
published on Captive Culture


173-01 behind the scenes


173-01 bonus files


photo series 177-01

2 Replies to “photo series 173-01”

    1. happy you liked it … not my favorite but it was a good way to train the schoolgirl and show her bondage could be enjoyable


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