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As you know, I closed my websites last year … after this, my health issues have been confirmed. I’m still fighting to get a better life after the cancer, even if my daily routine with a colostomy isn’t easy. There are so many things I can’t do anymore … it drives me crazy but I know something. I don’t want to trash my work and wipe all these memories, that’s why I need to stay online and keep the contact with you. Things will be different using free tools to share my archives … that’s how I started my adventure on the internet 20 years ago. We are going to try and explore this way now. I hope you will like it.

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  1. You are a great artist. Life sucks. But you must have the fighting spirit of a perfectionist. Be well and get better.

  2. Hi Jerome,

    Sorry for the late response but it so good to see you finding your way back here. I can imagine it must be so difficult to accept things just don’t go anymore as they used to. It takes time but from own experiences (different health issues) I can truly say it can be done. Take it day by day, allow yourself to have fun doing what you love to do. Oh well, I would like to say so much more but that is not for here, great to have you back!

    1. thank you Karen … I think you’re right. I would just need more support from friends and family to push me back to a better life. There is not enough energy injected in the engine … anyway, this is not the right place to talk about private thoughts.

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