photo series 177-01

photo series 177-01

95 images starring Dana + Diva
available to download


Welcome to Dana’s birthday turning 29 … I organized that surprise for she and prepared the photo studio with many balloons. Dana enjoyed my ideas and her gift which was a doll ready to be bound and gagged ! At this period, my work was still inspired by the productions of Jim Weathers we met one year before at the BondCon. On 2005, we also started to work with US models coming overseas to shoot in Paris with me. So, that’s not surprising to see my mood was close than the californian school than the shibari one. Anyway, back to this photo series which was trying to tell a story. Diva played the doll starting to live while Dana was playing with she. Slowly, Diva was learning the excitment of life. One kiss, one touch … and the doll’s face changed. But you know Dana is not only a nice girl who loves bondage and women, she’s also a dominant lady. What’s else nicest than the o-ring gag for Diva’s mouth ? Quickly, Diva the Doll started to understand what being a submissive really means. I thought a large collar made of transparent plastic would be a good start. Kneeled on the floor, Dana took her mouth with the o-ring gag … two items she never tried before, you can imagine her state of mind. She looked so sexy with her lips wide opened, like a perfect submissive. That was a good reason to tie her her elbows tight in the back : bound & gagged, that’s the way Dana wanted to play with the sexy brunette. It was nice to see the dominant lady testing several things before I changed my ropework for spanking. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to spank Diva with her arms in the back. I tried to find a position which would be compatible … adding a crotch rope to the submissive. Dana nicely teased Diva before to spank her ass.Then, the 18 years old doll offered her body to Dana who was able to kiss it everywhere without any restriction. Dana didn’t want to break her toy and she noticed Diva’s arms were turning blue : then, Dana released her doll from the ropes for another efficient restraint tool. Dana got new plans for her submissive : she wanted to spank her lovely bum ! Last time, Diva only got a sample of the power exchange situation : at the classroom, she had to kneel and obey but there was no physical restraint, except some ropes in the end. For the birthday of Dana, we had something else in mind. If the story was pretty cool with Diva playing a doll and the festive atmosphere, there was something special in the air. First, Dana enjoyed the surprise and her clothes : she was wearing a beautiful body and her favorite high heel boots. Second, the role of each woman was clear … she was feeling strong dressed like this while Diva had to play nice : that day, there was no competition between the two girls. After being the queen of Captive Culture for two years, I know Dana wasn’t comfortable with the rising of some models including Diva who was ten years younger. Last but not least, Dana was happy to show and explore her dominant side in front of the camera. That’s probably why she enjoyed so much her birthday session with the spanking time as cherry on the cake. The Mistress took a seat : the doll knew what to do now … it was time to be spanked. Dana is like a child. She loves funny games. Then, she spanked Diva with a balloon. an “happy birhday” ballon to spank the Doll. One balloon also useful to spread the legs of her submissive. Slap after slap, Diva the Doll started to move alone. She was moaning … and drooling ! She was alive now. Even if I was busy capturing the scene on video, I noticed the smile of Dana : spanking this beautiful bum was a sweet revenge like the one she got dominating Bianca. Of course, she didn’t punish the sexy brunette but she was sending her a message … something like “don’t play the bitch with me” : I guess Diva got it while her buttocks were turning red. So, it’s time to caress her lovely pink bottom and release her. Look at these eyes and this lovely face. the Doll loves her Mistress. Dana enjoyed her gift. A new toy was born into the small world of Captive Culture. In the end, after being released from the ropes and the o-ring gag, Diva didn’t try to catch the light : after being spanked for several minutes, she naturally walked beside Dana without trying to smash her toes ! Then, I have been able to do some cool pictures of the two girls having fun together … music, dance and a lot of smiles. For the little story, we shot those additional images for the website of Dana that I created for she. Few years later, I included those pictures of Dana and Diva dancing together into the remastered series. I hope you will appreciate it … that’s some old stuff but those memories are cool !

shot on 2005, January 29
published on Captive Culture


photo series 272-01


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4 Replies to “photo series 177-01”

    1. Yes, Dana mainly modeled for me. I introduced her to James Bertoni and she did two or three sets for modelstied. She also appeared on tiedgirls when Rachel Paine and Michael Viking came to Paris for shooting with us and trade some sets made in my house. Dana also did several series for her own website that I created for she which was named Dana & Friends. That’s all because she didn’t continue into modeling after we stopped our collaboration.


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