photo series 283-03

photo series 283-03

60 images starring Noémie
available to download


Third shooting with Noémie and second bondage time. Here come serious shibari games ! Shot on summer 2007, we finished the afternoon by a bondage session. I had no one able to take pictures while I was working with ropes then this photo series is shorter than usual. We already did two series before, I was feeling tired and I must admit my mind was focused on my ropework. I have the feeling my photography could have been better but it happens when the position is a little bit too static and the girl is unable to move. Anyway, we got some nice shots and Noémie was slowly learning what being a captive girl really means. I was pretty sure Noémie would love to fly within a near future but you know that because I already reposted that suspension on my blog. I don’t have more to say about this set. We had no problem and it was a cool bondage time. Noémie was easy to work with and I think we found a good colors combination between the red/gold kimono and her skin/hair. We should try something similar in front of a dark background, it could be powerful. I hope you’ll love the ties and the way we used the bamboo. As always, your feedback would be appreciated !

shot on 2007, August 05
published on Captive Culture


photo series 243-03

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