photo series 243-03

photo series 243-03

90 images starring Anaïs + Angelina
available to download


Back in 2006 for the first day with Angelina. At this period, I was still searching new models to avoid shooting the same girls. Since the beginning, you know when a newcomer will be inside or outside of the team : no judgment, that’s just a matter of feeling or spirit. I met Angelina who was used to work with amateur photographers for several years. Her modeling skills were good and I appreciated her ability to prepare herself without having to give my instructions. She didn’t know the fetish universe and she had no real interest about it. We did several sessions which were pretty good but, most of the time, I had to add a kinky girl. In this case, Angelina was far better. First, because she was attracted by the other girls. Second, no need to play a role which was too far away from her nature. So, we started her first day at home shooting for Latex Culture. After this, After two set of pictures, we finished the afternoon by this photo series. I needed to prepare Angelina for the next time : she didn’t know bondage before then I used my good old method : simply tie another girl to show how one model can be sexy and safe being bound and teased. It worked as expected : Angelina has been able to play with Anaïs strictly tied but happy to be bound and it allowed me to put Angelina in my ropes few weeks later. You will notice some likeness between this series and the set #283-03 with Noémie I’ve published three months ago. I deliberately added this session for shibari and kimono’s lovers. That’s also interesting to see how the result can be different using the same formula : the black background give a better atmosphere and the fact I perfectly know Anaïs makes things easier for the rope work. Her bondage was more tight because she wasn’t a novice. So, the visual aspect is better and you can imagine more fantasies. You should also like the interaction between Anaïs and Angelina : you don’t have to fake it, you just take it. When the Mistress is playing with her bound slave, everything is clear and seducing. That’s interesting to see how Angelina appreciated to play with a girl she met few hours before. As often when I shoot two women, I got several cool pictures with lovely attitudes. You know I like the eyes of Anaïs and it includes that look on the image used as the preview. I also got some behind the scenes pictures with lot of smiles and funny things. Finally, we got a complete photo series which is a good result for the third set in a day without any photo assistant. Last but not least, Angelina enjoyed this bondage demonstration and we have been able to do lot of sessions after that long shooting day. I hope you will like to watch those images too … see you next week !

shot on 2006, March 25
published on Captive Culture


photo series 283-03


photo series 253-01

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