photo series 006-02

photo series 006-02

75 images starring Kat + Greta
available to download


Today, we celebrate the 21st anniversary of Captive Culture which has been created on 2000, September 28th … I bring back online one photo series shot on 2001, March 18. Sixth shooting day : it was my first time with two girls and I quickly liked it ! Even if the image quality looks like a vintage pic now, I guess you will appreciate to watch Kat and Greta playing together, the gorgeous woman dominating the kinky girl. I already knew Greta who digged into this adventure right after the first session. We were connected and explored several situations together until this special afternoon with Kat who has been the third woman modeling for Captive Culture. I got the chance to meet her during one happening taking place in an adult store in Paris. Greta helped to persuade Kat who was a very experienced model for glamour, lingerie and nude photography. She wasn’t involved into BDSM but she accepted to try after this good first contact. That’s also why I organized a session with those two girls. I knew Kat would be more comfortable playing the dominant lady instead of being a captive girl. Of course, that was just a way to slowly bring her to the other side. Greta helped me again. Indeed, when I explained the script of our session, Greta was pretty unsatisfied about being used as the submissive only. Then, I used this fact and suggested to Kat that switching roles would be a good idea for the third and the last photo series of the day. Here is one advice I could give as photographer : you have to take care about the mood of your models and that’s always nice to avoid any frustration between two girls shooting together. So, I always try to balance my sessions : we started the afternoon with a very soft session : Greta and Kat slowly discovered each other before the young brunette was bound by the blonde woman. After this starter, we continued with the photo series shared today. Kat was looking good wearing her own classic blouse and the leather skirt and boots I brought. She was a beautiful Mistress for Greta who was a gothic girl, the 18 years old student who became my first muse. Kat was also a nice way to make her discover some new situations : Greta had to serve the Mistress and lick her boots … she also got the order to show and touch her pussy in front of this 27 years old woman. Last but not least, she has been gagged and collared, walking with a leash hold by the Mistress. Greta was kinky and playful but she was also proud and fierce. That’s why she wanted to get her revenge after these two hours under the control of Kat … but that’s another story I will share with you next friday !

shot on 2001, March 18
published on Captive Culture


photo series 006-03


photo series 049-01

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