photo series 049-01

photo series 049-01

75 images starring Dana
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Let’s share today the first steps of Dana into my universe. She has never been bound before but I found the right words to give her the desire to try. On year 2002, bondage was still confidential in France and most of my models hesitated to shoot for Captive Culture. After my meeting with Dana around a drink, I had the feeling she would be perfect to reach a new level on Captive Culture. Dana was looking great : slim body and nice face like several of my models but she had something more. Dana was open-minded, motivated and ready to work on the project … she wasn’t experienced but I knew she would quickly learn. I scheduled the first session at my photo studio : we finished it several weeks before and that was nice to welcome Dana in this new place. We started with something simple : a nice lingerie set and some bondage tape. After a while, Dana was bound : elbows in the back, knees and feet wrapped in a tight way. I wasn’t a good rigger enough to start with ropes … it was a good way to make her experience the feeling of constraint. I quickly noticed Dana liked the situation and we did some nice pics during this first photo series. After, we did another one but I have been unsatisfied about the result … it was too short, then, Dana came another day to shoot more with the same outfit and make-up. Finally, my members discovered Dana through a mix of 3 sets and they loved it. Usually, each photo series is related to a sequence for each shooting day, that’s a unique case in my archives, I never did it again. I wanted to introduce Dana properly to my audience and she quickly became popular on the world wide web. Dana has been the main star of Captive Culture for almost three years before Mina and Anaïs joined the team. Nowadays, some people don’t know Dana very well because she arrived in the early years. We did more than 100 sessions together and she was a pleasure to work with. I really appreciated our collaboration : we did a lot of cool things and she lived some unique situations shooting with international models like Rachel Paine or Kumi Monster. After all these years, that’s nice to think Dana Carlier will remain as the first french model working for the bondage industry. Can you imagine my first blog has been created after she stopped modeling ? In my mind, Dana is still high ranked on my hall of fame because she gave a lot to Captive Culture, helping me to increase my ropes skills and live some unique moments. I have never imagined this first photo series would be the beginning of a long story full of memories : bondage, mummification, suspension, domination, spanking, ropes in the water, latex enclosure, slave training, vacuum bed and even more. We did a lot of average sessions because of my lack of experience but we also shot several photo series which became some classics of the glamour bondage history. Dana was not only my model, she also became my assistant and helped to train many girls happy to follow the way she opened. Dana has been the first professional for bondage modeling on the french scene : her work inspired lot of models who were not scary anymore about the things we love. As I often say, I started the Captive Culture adventure in a country where BDSM was not popular but our work helped to change the perception of that universe … so, many thanks for all this Dana !

shot on 2002, October 02
published on Captive Culture


photo series 222-02


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