157-01 archive session

157-01 archive session

110 images starring Dana
available to download


2004, October 13 : four days before, I discovered my Nikon D70 which has been my first DSLR after several years shooting with bridge cameras. I organized one session with Dana to find the best settings before to turn one page of my photograher’s life and start to work differently for my websites. As explained previously, I had no special knowledge in photography when I started making my own pictures on 2000. I struggled to find how to work with spotlights because there was nothing else than some books. Yes, we got a life before YouTube appears to spread a lot of silly things but also some useful tutorials. Anyway, I have always been the kind of guy to search and learn by myself then this challenge excited me. Beside the technical side, I also had to learn how to work with my models but, strangely, it has been more easy than finding the right way to capture their beauty. I wrote several times than my early years have been full of mistakes and bad choices but that was also the consequence of technical limits. When you don’t have the knowledge, some good tools are essential. In 2004, I took the right way to solve several of my problems … changing my digital camera brought a real change even if I had to buy the Canon 300D before to take one Nikon D70 few days later because my first choice wasn’t good enough. Shooting with a DSLR helped me to unleash my creativity : I really needed to work with a real lens to enhance my photography. I won’t tell you more today but all this gave me the desire to write a blog post about my experience as photographer. Please leave a comment if you are interested … same if you have any question about the technical side of my productions. Back to the session : Dana was spending a lot of time at home during this period : as often, she came to try something new … we got the idea to use that cage bought one day in a french BDSM store. It has been made for a french mistress and I used it several times before to buy my metal cage when she wanted to get it back in her dungeon. After some sexy pics, I decided to bind Dana to this heavy furniture. I was still using nylon ropes and my ropework could have been better … like for my camera, the ropes are essential ! At the beginning, I used some bad ropes available in the local sex shops. I quickly understood that buying my kinky stuff overseas was needed and I have been one of the happy customers of JT stockroom for years. They were selling some better nylon ropes but I still didn’t know how to use it properly. In 2004, we started the year by our trip to Las Vegas for the BondCon … I met Jim Weathers, Jewel Evans, Michael Viking, Rachel Paine and many others nice people that were happy to see the french producer in real life. No need to say this event has been one step that allowed me to create stronger links with some of them and also to find some good nylon ropes. I bought several colors at the convention and have been able to use it for my bondage sessions within the following months. Of course, like for the camera, changing for something better doesn’t mean that you become a magician. No, I was still doing a lot of mistakes and my ropework wasn’t still looking perfect but I was on the good way. Rainbow Ropes provided me more nylon ropes which were well prepared (the diameter and length are very important) and it helped to enhance the visual quality of my bondage sessions in 2004. One year later, I discovered the natural ropes and it has been another revolution. So, in one word, we did this session 6 months after the BondCon to discover my Nikon D70 and go further with the nylon ropes bought in Vegas. As you can see on the preview picture, Dana was dressed in purple latex : g-string, garter-belt, stockings but no bra. We were alone in the basement and there was a nice feeling in the room : after two years shooting together, she knew how to seduce my lens. On my side, I was totally comfortable with Dana : her body was looking great and she had a nice addiction to pain. If my ties were not so tight than later, I was already used to bind my muse in every position that you can imagine … and her strength was simply perfect for me ! I already mentioned it but Dana really helped me to increase my knowledge in rope bondage between 2002 and 2005, from shooting day 049 to 231. We were not only shooting, I was slowly training myself to bind faster and better. I still had a lot of things to learn about ropework and photography but each of us got a nice time together. Few days later, we did another session to verify and enhance those settings for my new camera but that’s another story ! I will try to share it on the blog too because that’s interesting to see how my work evolved during this pivotal period of several weeks, just before the arrival of Diva and Mina in my universe. For now, I wish you a nice week-end … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip that archive file on your device and enjoy these pictures.

shot on 2004, October 13
published on Captive Culture


photo series 049-01


photo series 222-02

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