photo series 222-02

photo series 222-02

175 images starring Anaïs + Dana + Diva
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Back in 2005 for the Halloween photo series : at this time, Anaïs has been shot only three times and Diva was modeling for one year only. I got the pleasure to shoot an idea suggested by one of my members. He wanted to see one submissive dominated by two mistresses. I had the idea to push Dana into the hands of those two young women and the result was pretty interesting for different reasons. First, Dana wasn’t comfortable with the situation : being dominated is harder when you know there is difference of ten years with the dominant people. Second, Dana wasn’t my assistant : we decided to stop three months before and she wasn’t the queen of Captive Culture anymore. Anaïs & Diva were taking the lead and I think she lived the whole session like a point of no return : that day, she was the one who was wearing the latex hood and she was almost a body shape. It shouldn’t be easy to obey and lick the heels of rival girls. In the opposite side, Anaïs enjoyed the situation simply because she had the occasion to play with two others girls. Dana started the session with her arms immobilized in the back. Anaïs & Diva enjoyed to tweak and pinch her nipples. Oh, remastering those pics, I noticed we used a spread bar to lock the ankles of Dana under the latex skirt … a cool idea ! Then came the time to honor Diva kissing her PVC boots. I got the nice surprise to see her eyes sparkling when Dana was on the floor : Diva enjoyed to be on the top. I guessed she loved to feel Dana between her thighs while she was discovering the power of nipple play. Anaïs found the right way to use clothespins … and the submissive was probably expecting another stimulation. That’s nice to see how the two girls focused the training on nipple play : maybe she watched the pics & vids of Dana teased by Rachel Paine. You know she was used to moan nicely ! You should enjoy the last part : Dana kissing and licking the foot of Lady Diva. Again, the young model totally loved the situation. It was also a kind of revenge for Diva : do you remember the doll session ? That day, she was bound, gagged and spanked by Dana : I can imagine she thought about this kinky memories when Dana sucked her toes. Meantime, Anaïs was watching and suggestions others idea. If we would be able to go back in time, I don’t imagine all the possible games with a kinky girl like my slave Faustine. Anyway, for the little story, we did another series few days later with Anais and Diva using the same clothes for my website Lady Femdom. We all thought there was a way to do a pure fetish photo set with the two dominant ladies modeling for my camera. In my mind, this shooting is a bit special because that’s the only one I did with three girls in front of the lens and also because that’s one of the last sessions I did with Dana. She started the year 2005 like a star, loved & protected but after three years, our collaboration was slowly ending. I still have the feeling that Halloween session was like a transition and even more. The role of Dana was like a symbol : she wasn’t the queen anymore, the young generation pushed her away from the throne. But it never changed my opinion about Dana who has been an amazing woman and model to work with … we built so many memories together that she deserves my respect forever. I hope you will enjoy those pictures even I am not satisfied about the image editing on this one. As usual, if you notice a broken link, please leave a comment or message me to report this issue.


shot on 2005, October 22
published on Captive Culture


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