photo series 365-01

photo series 365-01

90 images starring Suzy
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Suzy has never been encaged and I always thought the discovery would excite her mind and I was right … we shot two cage sessions in a week, here is the first part. You probably remember the “french girls in cage” photo series I shot in the end of 2008. Because I wanted to give a nice time to Suzy, I used a similar configuration with a light unit above the cage : it requires lot of time and the photography is more difficult than usual but the result is always interesting. As I thought, Suzy was really enthusiastic about being encaged and she was excited when we started. Unfortunately, my mind was focused on the camera settings and the lighting atmosphere and Suzy has been a little bit frustrated about the situation. She was moving and giggling inside the cage while I was serious and worried outsidre ! Anyway, I quickly decided to do another set as soon as possible to make my mind more comfortable with the hard light … like this, I was sure to capture the shots I wanted to do with the lovely Suzy who, for the first time since she started, appears totally naked in front of my lens. I spoke a lot about it in the past, Suzy is very shy but she’s doing lot of efforts and she’s now comfortable with me in this kind of situation. That’s a good point because I wanted some nudity to give her a better understanding what being encaged implies. So, after some metal restraint with cuffed elbows (ouch, she doesn’t like it) we explored another way with ribbon made of satin. You will notice I increased the challenge with a tie around her neck which is the game we all love to play ! After what, Suzy was pleased to lock the metal collar she likes to wear before to fill her small mouth with the ball-gag ! For the little story, Suzy spent more than two hours in the cage and she really enjoyed the situation. Enough to be impatient for being encaged again, few days later, for a nice rope session you will discover in the second part.

shot on 2010, November 28
published on Captive Culture


photo series 366-01

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