photo series 367-01

photo series 367-01

200 images starring Suzy
available to download


I started that year shooting Suzy : she wanted to do a shibari session with a corset … so, we did it. She was really sexy using nylon stockings, tight corset and a different hair style … I knew the ropes would add another dimension. We played for two hours, doing several bondage positions with nipple play (something that Suzy really loves) … you will watch the entire session with those 200 pictures to fully appreciate the feeling and pleasure of Suzy. For the little story, we had to stop the session because Suzy was feeling dizzy, almost a blackout. It was late in the evening and both of us have been really frustrated about to interrupt this cool session. I apologize again for the delay since my last post … things shoud be better now I cleaned my old laptop computer with a fresh install. That’s all for now !

shot on 2011, January 10
published on Captive Culture


photo series 356-03

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