photo series 315-01

photo series 315-01

145 images starring Mina
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After Amélie and Graziella, Mina went into the cage to finish my triptych dedicated to french girls encaged … no need to talk about my light setting because I explained it publishing the previous parts. As a captive girl who has been nicely trained, Mina lived a more intense session : ball-gag harness like Amélie, nudity like Graziella … what do you think about rope bondage and nipple clamps ? Mina had also to deal with another challenge : because we shot on December while there was some snow in the air, my photo studio was cold and the heat machine wasn’t powerful enough to bring a comfortable temperature. That’s why you will notice some nice details on her skin including those lovely nipples freezing onto the floor of my metal cage. Mina was also tired after a long trip and several shootings and one public performance : it didn’t help her to enjoy the situation. We even had to remove the ball-gag harness for a while because Mina had some difficulty to manage it, Maybe that’s why I added the clamps, to make you happy while her mouth was getting a small break. She had to deal with the bondage position and it was enough to capture some beautiful shots : tight elbows in the back, bound to the top of the cage means. She had no escape and was unable to move. Of course, we ended the session bravely putting the nipple clamps back !

shot on 2008, December 13
published on Captive Culture


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10 Replies to “photo series 315-01”

    1. Mina stopped modeling on year 2010 and her website closed later … but she’s well enjoying a new life.


  1. What a sexy photo shoot with her! Being tied up in the cage she is going nowhere and that looks so awesome. She looks beautiful with her red hair and biting on her fitting red ball gag harness. Thank you!


    1. it was a good session and Mina has been brave being locked inside the cage while she was slowly freezing because of the temperature in my basement ! I’m happy that you like it and yes, the pictures with this ball-gag were very cool.


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