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I could write a long post but it would be too boring … if you read my comments or networks, you know why I was away AFK. After my cancer and colostomy in 2017, my mother is gone last year after 4 months at the hospital. My state of mind is impossible to describe : I had no motivation for this blog and it’s still different for me. But I need to focus on something else .. and you know I love to share and exchange with you. I won’t do a weekly update like before, mainly because my daily routine is complicated with my health. I never know which day will be good or bad Today, I have been able to add a photo series to the blog. Of course, because of the censorship wave on tumblr. I have to find another way to host my thumbnails. I am not comfortable using the wordpress system … is there a risk to post BDSM pics here ? I don’t know. When I opened this blog, I planned to use wordpress for the text, hotlinking tumblr for the pics, and mega as zip archive provider. I am going to change the thumbnails within the next days. I also need to find how to share more content too. My goal was to bring back our favorites using my back-up but some photo series don’t have a commentary or great image quality. Should I post those average pictures anyway ? I’m a maniac then I don’t like when something isn’t looking good. Maybe I could create another category to share those pics, allowing me to post zip archives without writing a comment. Please, tell me what you think about all this … see you next time and sorry for this long silence !

2 Replies to “more news”

  1. Just post when you want and makes you happy.

    As far as I know wordpress has no censorship, it acts as individual web, other way would be create you own web from scratch for more security but that has a cost…


    1. I miss the good old time with my websites hosted at … I can’t afford it anymore, even the annual fee for wordpress premium is a bit expensive.


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