photo series 370-01

photo series 370-01

45 images starring Anthrazit
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First photo session with Anthrazit : alternative model addicted to latex … another french girl discovering the bondage universe of Captive Culture. It’s always nice to shoot a model for the first time, especially when she’s nice, skilled and cool. Anthrazit is modeling for years but we had no connection. Last year, she emailed me and I totally forgot to reply to her message. But, fortunately, Anthrazit went to an event I was performing for … we got te pleasure to meet each other, even got the chance to bind her before to arrange a photo session. Anthrazit appreciates my work but she’s also a fan of Mina … that’s the reason why we did a heavy rubber session for Latex Culture which is an echo to the last photo series shot with Mina. You will notice their body shapes are pretty similar even if each girl has her own style … no doubt you will love the beautiful eyes of Miss Anthrazit. What could I say about the photo set ? Because it’s the first one, I wanted something nice : the yellow light is good for that. Anthrazit brought some lingerie and we used only her panties, living her breast free for ropes. As usual, I wanted to do something simple but my ropework became more and more complicated … and tighten. One hour later, Anthrazit has been untied and you will love the nice ropemarks visible on her pale ski as you should appreciate her lovely smile ! I like when a woman is happy to be bound … don’t you ?


shot on 2011, April 09
published on Captive Culture


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6 Replies to “photo series 370-01”

    1. thank you … to be honnest, I am not feeling well, too many bad things happened and I am like a zombie in my daily life. I would like to be strong and warrior like before but it doesn’t work.

  1. Dear Jerome,
    I admired your work back in the days before the closing of the website in 2016, and I admire it still today! I remain a great fan of your masterpiece photos and, of course, of the beauty of the ladies. Are you planning on releasing any more of the old sets?

    1. Yes, I would like but my daily life is complicated. My body is like a jail with no escape … I never know when I’ll be feeling good or bad. Then, there is no more planning. Every week, I think about the blog update without being able to spend 2 or 3 hours on it. But I am going to try and fight again because all those days without any activity are killing me. I need to be stimulated and my blog is the only thing which is able to save me. I’d prefer to do things in my house or have a small job but, unfortunately, that’s impossible due to my health state.

  2. This is a beautiful photo set. The set looks so intimate watching her perform the session. She is so authentic and beautiful tight up tightly. Thank you!

    1. lovely young woman that I tied in a BDSM club for a shibari event before to shoot her for my website … nice body and mind, I think the photo set is good even if it was a bit too short. She has beautiful eyes and a true style.

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