photo series 327-01

photo series 327-01

90 images starring Mina
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Thay day, I decided to break the routine visiting some friends living two hours from Paris … when we arrived, we knew the stairs would be great for bondage and the situation gave lot of fun especially with the strappado position I used to immobilize Mina. I prefered to tie her arms only and let you watch the nice lingerie Mina took off her suitcase … really seducing ! 15 minutes with the elbows tied in the back and I got enough pictures for this time : I will do more when I will come back to Diane and Steven’s house … One hour later (yes, you’re right, we spoke a lot with our friends), we moved the cats out of the sofa and I took my ropes again. Usually, I don’t make complicated bondage positions when I play “beyond the lights” but this time, Mina got the nice (?) surprise to notice the position has been strict and creative. I started with a reverse prayer bondage for her arms before to tie her legs and, believe me, the posture wasn’t built to be comfortable. However, Mina was relax and I was able to increase the pressure and pleasure spreading her legs and adding a tight crotch rope. Meanwhile, our friends were watching the scene … for sure, Mina and I were good entertainers for your sunday at home. I wish you a nice time browsing my pics now.


shot on 2009, May 31
published on Captive Culture


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