photo series 239-01

photo series 239-01

95 images starring Anaïs
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Back in 2006 : Anaïs lived a long session enclosed into the vacbed while we shot images and videos ! She always loved new games and latex … vacuum bed is perfect to discover new sensations ! We started with a non-polished latex before to make it shiny with some glide. I loved to watch her fingers moving under the latex sheet and I must say Anaïs perfectly played the game trying to change her position inside the vacbed. Regularly, we turned off the vacuum cleaner to change her posture … that day, we did a full length movie about her trip in the exciting world of total enclosure but I think you remember some videos I blogged in the past. Finally, Anaïs spent two hours inside the bed … that’s a lot and enough to feel yourself a bit strange. Your body and your mind loose usual reference points inside the bed … it’s a little bit like diving even if the pressure is less important. But, because she wanted to live a unique experience, I increased her challenge using ice cubes : Anaïs didn’t love the cold feeling but you know how the girls are … they always complain about the lack of heat. Anyway, I had something to warm up Anaïs : for the second time, she lived a magic wand session and that picture series has been the first one featuring the Hitachi Vibrator on Captive Culture. I gave no break to Anaïs and she lived several vibrator attacks before to be released … the whole session was great for all of us. It was really nice to torture Anaïs and some vacbed pictures are really impressive : watching Anaïs breathing under latex was pretty magic. From the outside, the show was nice to see : we were able to see every move of her chest when she was breathing. I remember we got some problems for the framing but some pictures were really interesting. We catched some amazing angles sometimes and the thin body of Anais was looking great inside the latex vacbed. When the pleasure was coming, she was unable to change her position but each orgasm was strong enough to get a nice move of the structure. If you don’t know yet, a vacbed is like plumbing pipes all around two latex sheets zipped together … then, if the girl is pushing on the floor with one leg or arching her back, the bed is moving on a vertical axis. That’s a little bit hard to explain but I am sure you would enjoy to watch the scene ! In the end, we tried to add another vibrator to double the pleasure of Anais but it wasn’t so efficient … the magic wand was still her favorite and we continued with this one only. We recorded 75 minutes on video which is a lot : as you can guess, Anais lived an amazing experience ! I hope you’ll like it too. As you noticed, I didn’t update the blog since a while. My mother died three weeks ago and I needed a break. One important page of my life has been turned but I’m back online now.

shot on 2006, February 26
published on Captive Culture


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