photo series 326-02

photo series 326-02

55 images starring Amélie
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Another photo series from Latex Culture for you … latex straitjacket and gas mask with Amélie ! One subscriber of our Telegram community mentioned this session and that’s true it should have been on the blog. I don’t know why I forgot to repost this set shot after the glamour bondage set with Amélie wearing a blue latex skirt (326-01) … I kept the floor and focused my photography on Amélie dressed step-by-step to full latex. I like to show the addition of layers and capture that soft restraint slowly enclosing my model. Heavy rubber is one of my favorites and we tried to explore the situation even if I didn’t have all the equipments required. For the little story, I think the gas mask has been brought by Amélie (yes, she had one at home, surprising no ?) and it was so great than I shopped two similar ones within the following weeks. I must say this S10 gas mask used by UK special forces is looking great for fetish games ! I used it several times for others sessions after this photo series which is a little bit short but Amélie got a long afternoon in ropes and latex. As usual, enjoy your watch … see you next time !

shot on 2009, May 23
published on Latex Culture


photo series 326-01


photo series 291-01

4 Replies to “photo series 326-02”

    1. thank you … I agree with you, this concept was a great idea I got to mix my taste for latex catsuit and total restraint.


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