photo series 326-01

photo series 326-01

65 images starring Amélie
available to download


Amélie is the kind of girl I loved to shoot for fetish and bondage. That day, I mixed ropes with latex. I didn’t shoot Amélie for a while and it was nice to put her back in front of my lens. I rarely mix latex and ropes because there are not lot of fetish outfits you can use with natural ropes and several positions are impossible to manage properly with too many clothes. Using a jacket and a skirt with latex lingerie was a really good idea : we started like a pin-up session before the next step. By the way, I love my idea to put black lingerie under the blue latex : the transparency effect was gorgeous. After she took her jacket off, I tied Amélie’s arms in a comfortable way … mainly because she has not been bound for a year and I wanted to get enough time to shoot elegant pictures. I didn’t push Amélie and decided to do a simple ropework. I knew the set scheduled later in the afternoon would be exhausting … total enclosure with catsuit & gas mask : it was definately a latex day for my model !

shot on 2009, May 23
published on Captive Culture


326-01 behind the scenes


photo series 326-02


night dream

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  1. Amélie is absolutely stunning! I love her smile, it makes her look so innocent. But her eyes… You can definitely tell she loves bondage just by looking into them. Please upload more of this gorgeous lady!

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