photo series 257-01

photo series 257-01

150 images starring Léa + Anaïs
available to download


What do you think about a living room adomed with your slave ? Naked or equipped, she’s there to please you and obey to orders ! We started that day of shooting with this sequence … a long one for the lovely girl exploring slavery. I had no assistant and decided to avoid rope bondage, focusing my work on the power exchange between Léa and Anaïs. I think you’ll like my idea to use the slave like a furniture behind the curtain … it was really interesting. Latex corset, hood and collar are always nice for fetish photography. Léa got all the time to play with Anaïs who had the perfect reward for a submissive : kiss and lick some high heel boots before to be spanked. She had to assume every position and that’s a real challenge for a strong mind.

shot on 2006, July 01
published on Captive Culture


photo series 262-02


photo series 232-02

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