photo series 232-02

photo series 232-02

115 images starring Léa
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It happens sometimes … my model requested a glamour bondage session and she thought about everything : a white blouse, her favorite corset, some PVC accessories & those beautiful nylon stockings. Good idea ! Some girls love to watch fetish pictures and they often want to live the same situation. Léa asked me to think about a photo series she have seen on the internet. Inspired by Dita shot by Jim Weathers, my model wanted a similar configuration. It was almost a tribute to the work of these american riggers I enjoyed so much in the early years of the world wide web. Léa decided to wear her own blouse with my PVC gloves and some nylon stockings : my model also requested the bondage position but I surprised her increasing the difficulty. I like to bind a sexy lady with her elbows tight in the back … even more when she is nicely gagged with a piece of PVC. That’s another idea of Léa who was motivated enough to bring her own gag for shooting ! As you can see on the preview picture, Léa also wears gloves. I didn’t use it very often and I must say the result is really nice. It also helps to keep my model tied for 90 minutes … no need to say she got the time to drool a lot before to be released from the ropes ! I was pretty satisfied about the pictures even if I got a back focus problem from my camera which has been fixed within the next weeks. I hope you will enjoy the pictures of this lady bound on the floor.


shot on 2006, January 07
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 232-02”

  1. Thanks for this series of pictures. Léa looks stunning as a bound secretary. I like this look like the tightly tied Betty Page style.

    1. Her hair style was a little bit special but it increased the pin-up effect … it was interesting to work with her because she brought her ideas to create the session that she had in mind. I’m happy that you like the spirit of this photo series !

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