photo series 211-02

photo series 211-02

35 images starring Léa
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Let’s share another photo series shot for Lady Femdom : it was my third session with Miss Léa in 2005, August 15. We were together without assistant and it has been a long day at home while the heat was on outside. It was cooler inside because I had one AC unit in my bedroom which helped to minimize the use of several tungsten spotlights. We did only two sets without leaving this room but we were in a relax mood. Last time, I had to talk a lot with Léa because the attitude of Dana has been a problem between the two girls. That’s the reason why Dana stopped to be my assistant at this period as explained in some others blog entries. Anyway, back to this session now : we started the day with some glamour bondage on the bed. Because Léa loves to wear a corset, we used one on each photo series … after the set shot for Captive Culture, we decided to do some fetish photography in latex. It was maybe her first time but I am unsure about it : nothing complicated here. Léa wanted to wear the pink & black corset made by House of Harlot for Dana, we thought some black latex stockings would be nice on the long legs of my model. Of course, she took one pair of high heel shoes in my office before to come back in the bedoom. I did a similar session with Dana in April so, I knew we could capture some interesting pictures and that’s what we did. Because we shot in the evening, this photo series has been shorter than usual but I hope you will like these images. It allows you to see Miss Léa before she changed her hair style … she’s looking more natural like this, feel free to share your opinion about it commenting this blog post. On my side, I think there are some interesting pics in this set : we didn’t expect her tattoo would be so visible under the semi-transparent latex and it added a nice effect to the scene. After several sessions binding Miss Léa, I started to see her dominant side which has been explored later with Anaïs as the submissive. You can check the related link below my commentary to watch the photo series I am talking about. As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable clicking on the magnifying glass icon : you will be able to browse this session online … that’s all for today : have a nice week-end !


shot on 2005, August 15
published on Lady Femdom


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  1. Interesting to see a set without bondage, merely glamour and elegance. Great to see the model feeling powerful and poised in her corset, would love to see more of her!

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