photo series 275-02

photo series 275-02

85 images starring Anaïs
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Spring 2007 : I organized a shooting with my friends Alain and one guest… Anaïs was the model and we sheduled a pin-up photo series for latexculture to start our day. I gave my camera to Fred who could give an extra hand sometimes because Alain was less available than before. After this set, we moved the furnitures in my living-room to test the leather couch with one brown carpet recently bought. We got the right mix for the background, Anaïs added her personal touch wearing her own lingerie and we started the bondage session. Initially, I didn’t plan to shoot but there was no feeling between Anaïs and Fred then one change was needed for this set. I took my camera back and decided to play with some simple but efficient bondage combinations. I quickly noticed that Fred got some difficulties during the first photo series : basic background, no inspiration … I don’t know exactly the thoughts of Anaïs but something was missing, she was wearing one lovely latex outfit from her own collection but there was no alchemy between my model and the photographer. Of course, I didn’t forget some talks between Anaïs & I : after two years shooting a lot of fetish stories for me, her dream had slightly changed. I know this feeling very much, even if you love something, that thing becomes less interesting month after month, year after year. Anaïs was in my house almost every week-end and the fantasy became one kind of routine. Two years is a long period when you started fetish modeling at 19 years old … I knew the state of mind of Anaïs was different approaching her 21st birthday : she was probably thinking about the best way to slow down or even stop this adventure. For a lot of women, the need to change takes concrete form in several domains, maybe because life is complicated. When your motivation decreases and you are running out of time to manage your life (student during the week, model and assistant on saturday & sunday) some details look less important : the main thing I remember about this day is Anaïs arrived with a faded hair color and I noticed this fact like a signal. Before, she would have been able to find the time & energy to dye her hair on friday evening but not this time. One or two weeks later, Anaïs decided to change her hair cut for another and shorter style. So, this session is the last one we did with her beautiful long hair … I bet you will love the harmony between these hair and the carpet when Anaïs is bound on the floor. You will also notice an interesting way to tie her hand to the left ankle. I remember the shooting configuration inspired me and we took a lot of pin-up pictures before to focus on the various bondage positions. You will probably appreciate the tight crotch rope which was tied to her hands. I hope you will like these pictures ! As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable clicking on the magnifying glass icon : you will be able to browse this session online … that’s all for today : I wish you a nice week-end.


shot on 2007, March 17
published on Captive Culture


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