photo series 284-02

photo series 284-02

60 images starring Anaïs
available to download


Anaïs loves to play characters … that day, I dressed her like a sexy student teasing you with her micro skirt and high heel boots. After we shot a latex series featuring the black chair and a tight latex catsuit, we decided to end our shooting day with a small fantasy exploring the possible game and power offered by an ultra short skirt. If I shot Anaïs more than 60 times, that’s probably because I love her body shape and her thin legs. We rarely used short skirts and we never used a micro-one before … what a shame ! I bought that skirt one day making some shopping for my website and I didn’t expect it should be so short : I must say this length works great for pictures but I doubt the girl could walk in the street without being harassed . Anyway, I added one white pull-over to the skirt and choosed black leather boots to give a modern look to this european student. I also used for the first time some red hemp rope which is small, tight and easy to work with. I didn’t want to build a long and complicated ropework : I was focused on a classic DiD session. My favorite model simply bound on a chair : that was my goal and, sometimes, you can get some really good ideas from your audience. Few days before, I got an email from a fan asking me if I had already shoot Anaïs wearing her glasses while she was gagged. I checked my records and I noticed we almost never did it (for technical reason it’s better to remove the glasses to put the straps on) : then, I thought about that guy and I considered this request shooting the ball-gag and the glasses together ! I got some nice shots even if I got less pics than expected : the white clothes are always difficult to capture and the pull-over was a problem for my camera sensors. Because I had some doubts about the result, I didn’t want to spend two hours shooting : finally, the result is clean and colorful. I do bet you will love that amazing skirt as I did … as always, feel free to leave a comment about these pics.


shot on 2007, August 26
published on Captive Culture


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