photo series 273-02

photo series 273-02

80 images starring Anaïs
available to download


Warm atmosphere, lovely lingerie and french pin-up : another cool afternoon at home playing in front of the camera. To be honnest, I don’t have a lot of memories about that day. I had received one parcel with several new toys including another vibrator. Of course, I tought about Anaïs to test it and we organized the session around that idea. We shot the whole thing on video and I know we laughed a lot speaking about the new sex toy design and vibration modes. I played with my lights (one source for some pictures) creating an intimate atmosphere with deep shadows. I really love one shot (DSC_0476.jpg) which could have been used as a preview picture but that’s only a pin-up portrait with her beautiful attitude. I didn’t have a lot of angles with this shooting configuration and the vibrator scene wasn’t easy to shoot correctly … I think my pictures could have been better on the artistic way. But like a lot of sessions, this one allowed me to learn several things even if everything has not been perfect. We ended the series with one comfortable bondage position releasing Anaîs long hair (a pure dream, I hope you love it too). People who love my work and know it very well will notice a tribute to one previous session with Diva (remember the spread legs posture playing with the armrests of the seat). For the little story, we started the day with another bondage seris using the jungle configuration which implied we lost some time to prepare our playground before to shoot again using the black leather furniture and the asian curtain in the background. We did all this on year 2007 and that sounds so far away from me … once upon a time in the parisian suburbs : two dire straits references in the same sentence, not so bad ! Enough words and memories, I wish you a nice week-end and let you click on the download link … enjoy those old pictures of Anaïs.

shot on 2007, March 03
published on Captive Culture


photo series 213-01


interview with anaïs

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