wanna play ?

wanna play video

47 minutes starring Diva
available to download


Back in 2005, that day, we started shooting one photo series for latex culture before to move upstairs. I was used to play with every room of my small house and we finished in the bedroom. I planned to shoot one full length video with Diva. She already did some short sequences with another girl but it was her first time alone in front of the lens. This time, we had to shoot one movie for the members and I tried to find the right way to do it. We used one simple and classic storyline : Diva starts to tie her ankles to the bed with one length of jute rope before to lock her hands in the back with some cuffs. She appreciates the situation for a while before to understand there is no escape. Hopefully, she’s able to use her cell phone to request some help. As you can guess, instead of releasing her totally, I prefer to bind her more strictly. As you can see on the preview picture, I tied her wrists to the bed structure before to release and spread her legs. After she got totally bound, Diva was nicely exposed. Then, I got all the time to tease her with some tickling and record the situation. For the little story, we captured it on video only to avoid any camera noise in the background. I also took that choice to show Diva like she was in real life, more natural and spontaneous than during our photo sessions. I had no assistant that day, we were together and I thought it also helped to keep her more focus on the situation instead of her attitude. She didn’t have to model in front of the camera, she was only there to live the experience. I changed her position for the last part and brought more ropes. I tied her harms in the back and Diva got slowly hodtied on the bed. Because I liked the result and found the contrast with those satin sheets really interesting, I took my camera to catch some pictures which have been published as behind the scenes features. Oh, I am actually thinking about posting some backstage pics & vids on the blog … that’s something which have been really appreciated by the members for years, I will be happy to share it again soon. Back to the video now : Diva enjoyed the hogtie position for several minutes and got more tickling before to be untied. I think you know the essential about this movie now. As usual, you can get those video files into a .zip archive and watch it when your free download will be completed. I hope you will like it … that’s all for today !

self bondage & cell phone

Here is the only bondage movie shot with Diva,
first time in my bedroom for her longest video.

She started with self-bondage using rope and handcuffs,
but Diva had to use her cell phone to request some help.
Of course, I came but she has been hogtied and tickled !

shot on 2005, September 03
published on Captive Culture

photo series 213-01


do you love this rope ?

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