photo series 213-01

photo series 213-01

155 images starring Diva
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That’s several weeks I didn’t post anything from my latex archives because I am really busy since two months. I have to deal with family problems and the blog update is more complicated for Latex Culture because I have to write this small article starting from the scratch. When I post something related to Captive Culture, I usually rewrite a text from my back-up. Anyway, let’s try to talk about this photo series. I remember this has been shot after Diva accepted to break her limit about nudity. Then, we were free to explore different situations like that session shot together without any assistant. We started shooting pin-up pictures of Miss Diva wearing some lingerie from Agent Provocateur. I think that’s something we brought visiting London but I am not sure about this fact. We shot several nice pics before the next step : Diva got naked and changed her lingerie for a lovely outfit made by House of Harlot. I guess you’ll like the transparency of those baby pink clothes ! After almost one year shooting for me, Diva learned a lot of things and her modeling skills were far better than her early sessions. She was beginning to pay attention to details even if I had to give a lot of instructions to compose a strong image like the preview picture. For the little story, I was trying to work into small spaces to find a better atmosphere. I was seeking something more intimate but my photographer experience wasn’t enough to reach this goal. That’s something I did later, working on it using my brain and feelings. On this series, some pics are good, some others are average … shooting a whole set being on the top is always difficult. You will notice we went in the garden to finish this afternoon. I had some problems with the light outdoor but it was nice to try even if I catched only few good pics of Diva wearing her baby pink outfit. I let you download and watch the photo series and wish you a nice week-end.

shot on 2005, September 03
published on Latex Culture


photo series 173-01


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