photo series 247-01

photo series 247-01

240 images starring Anaïs + Mina
available to download


Dressed in leather, these two beauties explored their fantasies … the mistress and her submissive, nylon stockings and foot fetish. Obedience before pleasure : another erotic game started after the training. I remember this photo series has been delayed for 2 years before publishing because I wasn’t sure about the result. I experienced some difficulties with my lighting, mainly when Anaïs took her dress off. Her pale skin was tricky for my camera sensor and I had lot of photoshop editing to find the right balance. Beyond the technical side, you should like the action : those lovely girls got a lot of fun together. We shot a first part focused on foot fetish using cream and strawberry crushing in the end. I didn’t get enough pictures about it because I was busy with one of my camcorders. Indeed, that session has been shot “live”, the girls were playing while I was taking pictures meanwhile two camera were capturing the scene on video. That’s a real challenge because you have to focus quickly and shoot faster than usual. You also need to learn which will be the next move and what your models will do to avoid any missing shot. I love this kind of challenge, specially when the girls are doing a great job. Mina spent a long time kneeled, she didn’t complain about the tight leather corset she had to bear and she even licked Anaïs feet when they were full of cream. Anyway, that’s not a problem because Anaïs is that kind of woman who is always clean and well prepared for shooting. For the little story, Anaïs was dressed with one of her clothes : the classy and beautiful black dress is one of my favorites. I really love how the dress looks when a nice and thin woman wears it. I also do like the contrast between her initial state with the long dress and the partial nudity of Mina … naked but corsetted, the slave looks more weak and it helps to obtain powerful pictures about the sub/dom relationship. I will speak about the corset. You probably remember the black / pink latex corset used with Dana in 2005 for the classroom shooting. A lot of people really loved that corset designed by House of Harlot including me. I was so enthusiastic about it that I asked a smiliar one to Robin Archer. In the beginning, he explained me leather is not his favorite material for clothing but I insisted so much than he finally accepted to make a leather corset for me. I wasn’t easy and we had to arrange some details but we finally got something cool : I wanted a really strong corset and I got it. You will notice Mina got a lot of marks when Anaïs was helping her to release her waist. I bet you will appreciate the evolution of this session : the mistress and her submissive were both naked in the end and the power exchange nicely evolved. Every kiss gave more power to Mina, the obedient slave became the dominant lover. It has been a long and interesting session focused on foot fetish and lesbian love … we took a lot of good pics and shot a nice video of the live action ! I think the photo series shared today is a nice way to show the never-ending feeling between Mina and Anaïs : after all these years, I know we have been lucky to capture so many memories. Every duo session was different and added something to the story. That day, Anais started like a Mistress fully dressed in leather but after some kisses, she forgot the balance of power and joined Mina on the floor. Long time ago, I posted one backstage image of the naked ladies then you probably know how this session ended. For the little story, everytime Mina was kissing Anaïs , she was slowly taking the control of her partner … we spoke about it with Anaïs and I remember what she explained to me. Mina had more experience about those kind of situation : the first time that Anaïs kissed a girl, I was behind the camera and her fantasy became reality. So, I can imagine it wasn’t easy for she to be sexually dominant with Mina : every kiss was blowing her mind while Mina was more comfortable with the duo sessions. My philosophy never changed through the years : once the action started, I was used to let the girls live the situation with their own feelings … it was better to capture something real than a fake scene and, on my side, I think this freedom added something great to the game. Without thinking about a script, I got a nice evolution during this session : no more Mistress or submissive but two girls kissing each other with their clothes as unnecessary items on the floor. Enjoy your watching and have a nice week-end !

shot on 2006, April 22
published on Captive Culture


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