photo series 248-01

photo series 248-01

110 images starring Mina
available to download


White powder on the face and black kimono : Mina looks like a geisha with beautiful eyes waiting for bondage ! If I am right, it was the second time we used this silk kimono, Anaïs tested it few weeks before and decided to do a geisha session with Mina. We bought it seeking the pink chair found by my assistant : I must say the two kimonos purchased that day quickly became one of our favorites for the shibari sessions. Sometimes, you want to build an evolutive ropework but the model’s outfit is a problem : no need to say it’s boring to deal with a blouse or some lingerie. Using a kimono is perfect to give a full access to the body if you need it … you can start to bind the girl without exposing her body before you decide to show more. That’s exactly what we did that day. Alain took the pictures while I was busy with my jute ropes. I did a nice ropework and liked how her arms and hands have been bound. But we also got some problems with the exposure because my camera sensors didn’t appreciate the lack of contrast between my white wall and the make-up of Mina. That’s probably why my favorite images have been shot with the red curtain in the background. This afternoon, I got some good ideas for my ropes blocking one arm in a similar way of the reverse prayer position. It was restrictive but visually different. As you can see on the preview picture, one part of this kimono has been tied to reveal the hips of Mina … and even more ! If you look carefully, you can guess the rope harness taking her crotch. I didn’t use it to attach a vibrator but to bind the ankles after her spread legs have been tied to the furniture. Bounkd like this, the geisha was totally exposed to my lens, probably too much ! I should have choose another position or do something more suggestive. That’s the reason why I deleted a lot of pictures which were too explicite and published the necessary shots only. I don’t have a big taste for frontal nudity, even if I don’t consider we did it bad. I think that another shooting configuration would have been better using less light and more shadows. Of course, in the end, I opened this kimono to show the lovely boobs of Mina … then she was ready for fun using my magic wand vibrator. If we captured a bunch of explicite pictures, I also took some nice shots like this portrait of Mina offering a nice angle and composition. Anyway, I am pretty sure you’ll love to watch Mina strictly tied like every geisha should be. Enjoy your free download and watching time … I wish you a nice end of year and see you soon next week !

shot on 2006, April 23
published on Captive Culture


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10 Replies to “photo series 248-01”

    1. thank you … the magic wand is helpful to capture something more. I agree with you, Mina had some lovely expressions.


  1. Hey! It’s a wonderful journey to find this website. Yeah, it shows women that wearing different outfits and show theirselves from other side. It was wonderful for me, that this modeling isn’t like P*rnhub, xh*mst#r or any other adult site sources content. You did great job dude, respect!

    Interesting, how are You, where is models that have been captured here (Mina, Greta, Dana & many others), what you are doing now and will you make projects similar to these closeds? (sry 4 my weird english)

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    1. thank you Noah for those words … that’s always nice to see someone discovering my work after all these years and I am happy to know you like it. Indeed, my productions, like the ones from some others producers of my generation who have been there at the beginning of internet, were really different from the porn industry which is everywhere nowadays. We explored our passion for fetish and bondage with some girls who were totally out of this universe. It gave something special to my pics & vids and that’s the best part of this adventure. Unfortunately, I have no more project because I still have to deal with health issues … my daily routine is too focused on the consequences of those problems for being able to do something similar. Of course, I would like to do some sessions and I could probably do it on the good days, when I don’t have to bear the pain or discomfort of my medical situation. But that’s difficult to know when it happens and I am unable to organize and follow any planning. It would implies to find models who would be kind enough to accept to deal with it. My english is weird too then I hope you catch the meaning of my sentences and understand this blog is full of memories and those years have been the best of my life. I doubt to live it again within the future and that’s difficult to admit.


      1. I understand you, health problems are solved for a long time, and it takes a lot of money and time to organize this. Although this project flourished more than 10 years ago, but these photos, videos, models are much better & more beautiful than the mess that is happening now. Sadly, there are few authors like you now who make (or once did) content for fun, sharing with many who loved non-standard types of art. It looks like p*rn from the outside, but in fact there is really an artistic potential here, which is so lacking at the present time. You can still observe how the latex fetish is degraded and it’s sad to watch. There are not enough authors like you. I wish you recovery, new strength for work and sincere happiness! ❤

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        1. thank you so much … indeed, there are many talented artists nowadays who followed my way and propose some beautiful images. I am proud of being one of those who influenced through my work.


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