photo series 295-01

photo series 295-01

70 images starring Eskarina
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Let’s start 2022 sharing another photo series shot for Lady Femdom : my first time with Miss Eskarina. One month before, I met this lovely woman during a photo expo : she modeled for my friend Anxiogene. I have been immediately charmed by her face and smile : I gave my card to Eskarina thinking we could do some fetish images only. She was modeling for artistic projects and didn’t have a lot of experience. No need to mention she was totally out of the fetish universe but I suggested her to try latex clothing and she accepted. Eskarina was 31 years old and had strict limits about nudity : she was shy, more than usual. She was also worried about the consequences of modeling on her professional life because she had an office job. But her nature was playful and I think she wanted to break her shyness through photography like many girls at this period. Because I have already posted several photo series, you know that I got the chance to do more than latex sessions with Eskarina. Several months later, Eskarina told me she would be curious to test bondage and we did it ! She came back at home and we decided to shoot one photo series using the latex straitjacket, you can check the related link scrolling down on this page (310-01) … it was the right way to test Eskarina in restraint for one hour before to shoot her first rope bondage but that’s another story. Back to this session now : as explained previously, my website Lady Femdom was perfect to start working with beginners like Eskarina. We explored my collection of fetish outfits and decided to use one skirt and blouse made of black latex. One corset has been added later because I had the feeling it would be too strict for Eskarina. It was important to keep her comfortable because she was not used to work with a pro photographer shooting a complete photo series. A lot of amateur models are used to do few pictures which are not connected to the others. On my websites, I have always tried to propose one link between the shots and one evolution into the set, even if we didn’t use any storyline. I must say the afternoon has been cool, Eskarina is a nice people and we often got a lot of fun working together. Of course, it wasn’t easy to deal with her limits but I appreciated the way she digged into the fetish universe … that day, you can feel her shyness and lack of experience but she was looking cute. I remember the photo series has been published on Lady Femdom under the title “playing the mistress” : for me, Eskarina was like a girlfriend trying to be a dominant woman, not a true goddess dressed in latex. That’s not easy to play that role alone in front of a white wall without anything to do. I have seen many girls feeling lost in this kind of situation / configuration even some experienced models. You need action to get something more to capture in a photo studio, that’s why I did less and less fetish images year after year. Shooting two models is easier because they can play together and this exchange is the most interesting. Do you remember the photo series with Eskarina and Suzy ? You see what I mean … on my point of view, that’s always great to watch the evolution of my model. Check the links below and you will see how she slightly changed through the sessions. As usual, download and unzip the archive file before to watch this photo series. I think we did several nice pics of Miss Eskarina wearing latex for the first time. What do you think about it ?


shot on 2008, February 09
published on Lady Femdom


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2 Replies to “photo series 295-01”

  1. Very beautiful. I think her shyness is not a disadvantage. She is natural and authentic and all shiny in latex and that works in these pictures! That´s a really cute photosshoot. I wish you would still perform photoshootings.Thank you!

    1. thank you … indeed, you’re right, her shyness brought something priceless to this photo series. I like when my camera captures the reality of a woman beyond her style or outfits : there is nothing better than to catch one lovely attitude or the real reaction of a model, it brings more information than everything else about how she’s living the session.

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