photo series 310-01

photo series 310-01

50 images starring Eskarina
available to download


Here is the first session starring Miss Eskarina for my bondage website … the french fetish model decided to explore the restraint universe with a latex straitjacket. I started working with this lady six months before. I met Eskarina during a photo expo, she modeled for a friend and I was charmed by her face, especially when she smiles. I gave her my card planning to shoot her for Latex Culture only. I wasn’t sure she would cross the line but, several months later, Eskarina asked me to be bound because she was curious about it. So, few weeks later, she came back and we started to shoot this photo series using the black straitjacket. Rubber restraint was the right way to test Eskarina before to shoot her first rope bondage set. It was a nice afternoon with Eskarina who is a cool people and nice model. Of course, it wasn’t easy to deal with her limits (no nudity) but we got fun anyway. I brought back one of my old decors with this strange curtain in the background, using black panels for the other angle. I would need a desk in my house but there is not enough space. For now, you will only get the secretary bound on the leather chair ! I hope you will love those picture, I think some are nice and the latex straitjacket with a short skirt was great … never used it before but I really like the mix.

shot on 2008, October 11
published on Captive Culture


310-01 behind the scenes


photo series 295-01


photo series 351-01

8 Replies to “photo series 310-01”

  1. These photos are great, and I also really adore that smiling face. Thank you very much for posting this! I don’t suppose there are any more from this session?


  2. A beautiful photo series of Eskarina! She looks so great with that damn cute smile and restricted in shiny latex with her hands so helpless (nowhere to go would not fit but nothing to do is better). She can’t seem to get out of it..
    Thank you!


  3. She looks so very hot and beautiful loving her lovely shiny black outfit very much wish I was there with her


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