photo series 369-02

photo series 369-02

35 images starring Suzy
available to download


Suzy bound and naked in the Jungle … natural ropes and nipple clamps ! I didn’t forget this session for many reasons. It was the last photo series with this young woman. After more than a year, I decided to stop because she wasn’t clear about her behavior and requests. Because I always tried to build a line between the photographer and my model, it was better to end the story. When you play a game, there are rules to follow. Suzy wanted to live her submissive side without leaving her comfort zone. As I explained to her, the photographer was unable to give what she was expecting outside the sessions. When she was texting me into the night to express her kinky thoughts, she was crossing the line and we had to decide how to manage it. In my mind, it was clear we had to change something. I wasn’t ready to act like if everything was normal and had no consequences. You can’t have your cake and eat it … I think she wasn’t ready to assume the situation. On my side, I didn’t want to loose my reputation mixing professional and private life with a girl who was known to be one of my models. Anyway, back to the session now. Just before this scene, Suzy asked to be whipped and she really loved it. That’s why you can see some bruises on her bum. When we spoke about the photo series, we decided she would be naked : for the first time, Suzy experienced the crotch rope without any clothe and she liked it too. If you follow my work, you know her taste for nipple play : that’s why I used the metal clamps in several ways, linking the chain to the ropes. I love the lighting and this contrast between her milky skin and the background. Suzy was a little bit jealous because I shot an italian model few days before with the same settings. That’s why she wanted to do more being naked and I think it was a good idea. For me, the result is better than the previous series, mainly because of these long and beautiful hair. I wish you a nice time watching those shots … not a lot of pictures in this archive but you should like it !

shot on 2011, March 13
published on Captive Culture


photo series 369-01


photo series 210-01

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