photo series 369-01

photo series 369-01

50 images starring Suzy
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French maid in latex was a real fantasy for Suzy who has been been whipped for the first time that day. Back to 2011 : after more than one year of modeling for Captive Culture, Suzy wanted to do more and explore some one of her fantasies related to corporal punishment. So, I organized that photo session for the student. The first time isn’t easy to live and I whipped her nicely, just enough to make her feel the pain and pleasure of this kind of games. Since the beginning of our collaboration, Suzy told me a lot about her kinky fantasies. Being dressed in latex was one of the things she wanted to do. Because of her tiny size, I had to buy another uniform made on request for she … I got the idea to add nylon stockings with polka dots to give a nice touch to the outfit. If you remember well, you know Suzy has been bound in the jungle just after this whipping time : some of my fans messaged me to talk about the marks in her back. Watching this photo series, you will be able to share this unique moment, the first time a woman discovers what being whipped really means.I hope you’ll like it as she enjoyed the experience !

shot on 2011, March 13
published on Captive Culture


photo series 369-02


photo series 206-01

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