photo series 356-02

photo series 356-02

135 images starring Mina
available to download


You probably remember the session with Mina wearing the latex straitjacket in my garden … you should like the second part of this afternoon : Mina looks like the perfect damsel in distress ! We were spending a great time outdoor and I decided to continue keeping the nylon pantyhose to play with ropes. It was the first time I used a tree for a real bondage and that was really interesting. Mina has been bound to the tree for 40 minutes : I can imagine how the right leg was tired in the end. If you read this blog carefully, you already know she experienced suspension being clamped. I like the idea of watching a woman bound to a tree, wearing clothes you can open like the blouse or cut like the pantyhose. In the end, I even removed the left shoe to keep her foot arched to the max. For the little story, we discovered the contact with the bark makes some good marks on the skin ! As usual, I hope you’ll like to watch those pictures after download. Please report any broken link, thanks.

shot on 2010, May 23
published on Captive Culture


photo series 356-01


photo series 356-03

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