photo series 356-01

photo series 356-01

160 images starring Mina
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After several years of studio photography, I decided to explore another way shooting without professional lighting. To avoid any confusion, those pictures have been classified as “beyond the lights” on Captive Culture. Because I wasn’t seeking to capture the perfect image, I thought this would be better to make a distinction between my regular work and these sessions. For me, it was a space of freedom without rules : mix of various light sources, same resolution for all pics, black & white shots or colors. Everything was different even the spirit of each session … no script, I wasn’t giving instructions to my partner, she was living the situation for real. We were not creating a scene, no, I was there to capture every emotion of the bound girl. She was there to play a game being free to explore her feeling without any break. That’s why the atmosphere of “beyond the lights” sounds more intimate … no timing, no assistant, no noise. Nothing more than the action and my camera. That day, we decided to go in the garden … outdoor fetish is great and Mina got the chance to be challenged with a delightful mix of clothes : latex straitjacket, nylon pantyhose and high heel boots. Of course, there were no neighbours able to see this sexy lady. I got a great idea giving to add nylons : the shape of her legs were perfect under the sun. I know Mina enjoyed to move in front of my lens being dressed like a perfect fetish doll : fifteen minutes later, I locked the straitjacket and then started the captive time ! You know I love latex restraint and I liked to shoot it outdoor for the first time. I left Mina alone for a while, just to take a collar and a leash. That’s a long time I was waiting to use the ring of this stump. Mina leashed to the dead tree sounds like a fetish dream … don’t you think so ?

shot on 2010, May 23
published on Captive Culture


photo series 356-02


kinky game

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    1. thank you … feeling better but still waiting to know if everything is okay inside. meeting with medical staff very soon. crossing fingers !


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