photo series 226-01

photo series 226-01

190 images starring Anaïs + Mina
available to download


Let’s share another photo series focused on latex fetish and lesbian love … that day, I decided that Anaïs would be the Mistress and play with Mina as her lovely submissive. We started this shooting in the kitchen before to move in my living room : for the beginning, Mina was dressed with a maid uniform made of semi-transparent latex. Anaïs was wearing a similar latex catsuit, same material and color tones for a better harmony. I won’t descrbibe the action, you will discover it by yourself. In this part, Anaïs brought the straitjacket before we moved in my bedoom. For the little story, all these outfits have been made on request by House of Harlot (UK) which was my favorite latex manufacturer. It was expensive but the quality has always been important for me. Can you believe some of those clothes never changed through the years ? 13 years later, I still have those items and it would be possible to use it tomorrow without any problem. Anyway, Mina started the second part in the bedroom being fully naked. No need to say the two girls exchanged few kisses and Anaïs loved to pinch her friend’s nipples several times ! You will notice Mina is collared and Anaïs used nicely the leash to control her submissive. After a while, you will have the pleasure to watch Mina enclosed into the latex straitjacket. We explored the idea Anaïs could use this restraint for a night, that’s why she’s leaving her catsuit for sleeping beside Mina. The next morning is the last part. Mina has been released but, quickly, she’s discovering the latex bodybag. We used it only for few pics … as a latex lover, Mina enjoyed to be enclosed into this rubber cell. After a last kiss, Anaïs left the room and the story suggested Mina was staying in the bodybag for a long time. Of course, that’s not realistic but you know fantasy is slightly different from life. In the end, we shot some pics of Mina naked in the bathroom. She enjoyed to clean her wet skin after several hours in latex under the spotlights. That session has been really long because every change of rooms required light settings … we also captured a lot of scenes on video, some has not included into the photo series. I don’t remember why. Maybe because I didn’t want to have the disturbing noise of the camera while the two girls were kissing or when Mina discovered our favorite vibrator, the powerful magic wand. Of course, I will post this video (90 minutes) on the blog as soon as possible. For now, I let you discover the photo series and wish you a nice week-end.

shot on 2005, November 19
published on Latex Culture


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photo series 236-02

5 Replies to “photo series 226-01”

  1. Hey Jerome I wanted to ask If you Had time could you inform me where i can find the video for this photoshoot? If you haven’t posted it anywhere yet could you make the video available for download this is one of my favorites and would appreciate it if you could point me to the full video or make it available for download. thanks

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  2. Wow, that´s one hot couple! Both models look beauitiful. Especially the semi-transparent latex looks very good and gives them a very special touch. Anaïs dominating and kissing Mina looks so hot and Mina can´t escape the nipple pinches 😊. Maybe a ballgag would be the icing of the cake so to say.


    1. happy you liked it … maybe you’re right for the ball-gag, maybe for the beginning because, after, the action is more like “we go to bed for a good night of sleep” with some dressing and kiss exchanges before to wake-up in the morning for some vibes and that latex enclosure into the bodybag. sometimes, there is no space for all the things we love 🙂


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