photo series 236-02

photo series 236-02

95 images starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


February 2006 … that afternoon, Anaïs dominated Mina but we played a different game in the evening ! Don’t you like seeing Mina in latex ? Before to start, I knew what would be the final bondage position for Anaïs. I had something in mind, being able to wand the submissive being kissed by the Mistress : that’s why I tied my model like this. Of course, the position was offering an interesting point of view shooting from behind … I wanted to build something cool and sexy. A playful position where Mina could play both sides. Mina was able to kiss Anaïs while I was giving some pain and pleasure with the magic wand. I like the contrast between black catsuit and red background … we had to shorten this session because Anaïs was exhausted after a long day of shooting. I still like the picture shared today, Mina was looking great with this latex catsuit and those high heel shoes ! We took the time to record some action on video even if we had to fight with the tight angles : that’s not easy to shoot two girls in a small room. If I am not wrong, Anaïs slept at home with Mina because we scheduled another shooting the next day … I hope you will like some angles and composition I did in this photo series. Sorry for this short commentary but I am running out of time this week !

shot on 2006, February 04
published on Captive Culture


236-02 bonus files


photo series 236-01

2 Replies to “photo series 236-02”

  1. Such a sexy and sparkling photoset with a sexy mistress and sub. Mina looks so damn gorgeuos in shiny latex from head to toe with her red hair! The catsuit is accentuating every curve of her body. As you have mentioned it is a really nice contrast between shiny black latex and the red background. Anaïs seems to enjoy her latexc clad mistress by kissing her. And Mina seems to enjoy to dominate Anaïs.
    Thank you!


    1. thanks for your feedback again … yes, you’re right, and that’s why every session with Mina and Anaïs deserves to be watched. They enjoyed to play together and I got the chance to capture those moments !


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