236-02 bonus files

236-02 bonus files

20 minutes starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


Let’s share another zip archive with the videos captured while we were shooting the photo series 236-02 focused on latex fetish and rope bondage. I guess you will like to watch these files related to the pictures already posted on my blog. We captured the situation after Anaïs started to be bound. You will hear regularly the sound of my Nikon while Mina plays with her friend. My lens catched a lot of french kisses before I immobilized Anaïs on the floor. We wanted one playful position giving a full access to the both sides. Like this, Mina was able to alternate between the bum and face of Anaïs. Of course, I brought the magic wand vibrator and Mina perfectly knew how to use it to tease her partner. After a while, I took that evil toy in my hands … Anaïs got the chance to be kissed by Mina while she was vibed by me. In the end, you will see the final ropework with one leg slitghly suspended in the air. As usual, don’t forget to check the photo series and download the archive if you want to watch more about this session.

shot on 2006, February 04
published on Captive Culture

photo series 236-02

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