photo series 362-01

photo series 362-01

40 images starring Coffin Jane
available to download


Miss Coffin Jane spent another week in Paris … of course, she came at home for another glamour session at home. Last time, Jane discovered my ropes and the unique atmosphere of one “beyond the lights” session. She came with some clothes I have been pleased to use for a DiD photo series. She also brought her glasses that we used in the end to make her look like a modern pin-up. That’s an interesting mix of glamour bondage and sexy photography. I like to shoot Coffin Jane even if I am not crazy about body modifications like piercing on the face. She’s really cool and I bet you like her curves ! First time, she got lof of breast bondage, that day, there were less ropes around her beautiful boobs but I am sure she enjoyed the nipple play. I let you discover it watching the pictures. It’s a short photo series, we shot it in the afternoon … I think that’s the day I picked up Jane in Paris and it made our planning a little bit complicated. Anyway, enjoy this lovely lady in my yellow light !

shot on 2010, November 01
published on Captive Culture


photo series 357-01

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