photo series 276-02

photo series 276-02

100 images starring Noémie
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Let’s share another photo series shot for Lady Femdom : it was my first time with Noémie who has been recommended by Anaïs. I don’t remember why but we started very slowly shooting one photo series for Latex Culture which has never been published because the result wasn’t good enough for me. Then, we cleared the space and brought the cage to give a dungeon atmosphere to the studio. We decided to dress Noémie with a beautiful catsuit made of semi-transparent latex. I already used it several times and always loved this outfit. I must say that was looking great on Noémie who is a very nice woman and was a talented alternative model. We added some leather boots before to swap for some others … PVC was better to get a shiny effect. As you will see watching the pictures, I suggested the presence of a slave playing with the point of view on several shots. I catched some nice angles putting my camera inside the cage … tell me what you think about it, I have the feeling it worked properly. Of course, most of the photo series is focused on the beauty of a Mistress dressed for a domination session. For me, this set could have been posted on Latex Culture which was proposing a lot of pin-up photography but as I explained previously, Lady Femdom became my laboratory to test new options or models. After that second set of the day, I introduced bondage to Noémie binding Anaïs for Captive Culture … I was interested by the style of that tattooed girl but I had to learn how to shoot Noémie and explore something else than the beauty of her body. We got a nice day together and it helped to schedule more sessions after this first time ! That’s all for now, I let you discover my pictures … enjoy your free download and see you next friday !


shot on 2007, April 07
published on Lady Femdom


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  1. Noémie looks stunning in this semi-transparent latex catsuit. The latex shines everywhere and gives a glimpse of her arty tattoos. This catsuit suits her curves and this photo set – so beautiful. Many Thanks.

    1. Noémie is a beautiful woman and her body shape is made for a latex catsuit … this transparency enhanced her tattoos and it was nice to capture it like this. I also think she could be a dominant goddess … she has the style and energy for that !

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