photo series 289-01

photo series 289-01

90 images starring Chloé
available to download


Winter is coming and I got the idea to share this photo series published on Latex Culture. December is always cold in Paris and it was the same into my photo studio. Hopefully, the lights warmed up the room for Chloé. She’s one of those models I shot only one time but we could do more because we got a nice time together and we did some nice fetish images. As you can see on the preview picture, Chloé was dressed with the catwoman outfit made on request by House of Harlot. I must say that Robin Archer did an amazing work on this latex uniform : we have one black catsuit with the hood / mask and a lovely rubber tail. My favorite designer found the right way to deal with my wish and attached this tail to one g-string wearable over the catsuit. The result was great and Chloé was more than happy to model with that outfit. I mixed it with a pair of high heel boots made of PVC for the shiny style. We shot in a corner of the red wall : the space was limited but good enough to capture some interesting angles. Chloé was a skilled model and talented photographer : we got a nice feeling but I thought she was looking for artistic photography which is not my speciality. In fact, I don’t know and remember this session : I would just say it wasn’t my best period because I was still worried by the loss of Anaïs as assistant and model. I knew it would be a major change for my work and the way to organize it. Anyway, I did my job and Chloé enjoyed the pictures. I wish it will be the same for you … download the zip archive and extract it to discover that lovely catwoman in latex !

shot on 2007, December 15
published on Latex Culture


photo series 355-02

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