photo series 245-01

photo series 245-01

85 images starring Anaïs
available to download


Everything started few weeks before when I got a phone call from Anaïs. She was doing some shopping in a mall and just found a nice chair for shooting. We went back to buy it and, of course, she wanted to use the new furniture for a session. We planned to split it in two steps. First, some glamour pics : I shot several portraits of Anaïs who did a nice work on her make-up and even more. We were in a cool mood and the atmosphere was playful. I think we got the idea to bring some ice-cream because the packaging was pink like the chair. Instead of eating it off the lens, I captured the scene with my lens. Of course, there was an erotic message sent to the watcher but has been clever enough to avoid acting too much, her attitude was more interesting. Second, I tied my model thinking about the use of a magic wand vibrator. We just needed to avoid any escape without getting a static position for the video. That’s why each wrist has been bound to a thigh. As usual, I started taking her breast into my ropes, enough to get some bigger boobs and immobilize her arms. I ended my ropework by the legs and ankles. Linked to the chair, Anaïs was nicely exposed. She got the idea to wear a g-string made of a transparent material. We decided together this piece of lingerie would be cut later, the rope around her waist was there to attach a magic wand vibrator. Last but not least, I used a spreader bar to keep her legs wide opened. It was a good option for the beginning of our video. As often on year 2006, I was alone to shoot and I had to manage a lot of things : my camera, and my lights of course, but also two camcorders, one vibrator and a lovely partner. We recorded an interesting movie with some intense minutes for Anaïs. I don’t need to explain what orgasm control is … Anaïs experienced it several times before this shooting but, that day, she lived an intense session. Later, I remember Anaïs asked me to get less magic wand or shorter sequences because she experienced a physical discomfort after the session. That’s true it was evil to play like this and it provided too much vibrations for her intimate piercing : the whole area became very sensitive for several days. It wasn’t cool for Anaïs passing her time on the wood benches of the University as a studious student. Of course, we decided to play nice and our vibrator games were shorter after this small issue. As a producer, I really appreciated her feedback and that’s probably why our collaboration has been so rich and playful. Anaïs and I were used to talk a lot, about everything including what she had in mind and it always made the difference. Watching the movie, you will probably notice the evolution of this bondage position helped to get stronger vibrations. After a while, I released her legs from the spreader bar but the magic wand got stuck between the two thighs … good idea to increase the effect of our favorite vibrator ! As you can see on the picture shared today, Anaïs was exposed to the powerful toy after her g-string has been cut using scissors. For the little story, that’s also my model who got the idea to run a contest to win it … that’s how this small piece of lingerie has been sent by mail to a fan. I think the capture is interesting because you can see something different in the eyes of Anaïs after this never-ending game. Orgasm control is evil and even painful if your partner is a little bit playful … in the middle of the video, I left the room for two minutes, leaving Anais alone in front of the camera. I went back with an ice-cream and took the time to eat it while she was getting more and more pleasure because of the magic wand. Oh yes, I told you, that day, we wanted to play ! After this set, we did another video for Latex Culture using Magic Wand vibrator made by Hitachi : who said that we were a little bit crazy ? I let you now discover those pictures. Download your zip archive, unzip it and enjoy our session. Be sure I will add the video to the blog soon … have a nice watching !


shot on 2006, April 08
published on Captive Culture


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