photo series 251-02

photo series 251-02

100 images starring Anaïs
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Anaïs wanted to be tied with my purple hemp ropes … how could I say “no” to one of my favorite models ? She got more than expected in this rope session we did this series after a set shot for my website Lady Femdom. Then, we tried the hemp ropes received few days before. At this period, I was already using a lot of jute ropes for shibari but, I didn’t forget some colors are looking good sometimes. Nylon wasn’t my favorite anymore to create complicated ropework then I requested a new tone to Marrow from BindMe. He was only making red ropes but he accepted to work on my idea … the result was simply amazing, a deep purple which was looking great for glamour or japanese bondage. No background for this session, we just used the floor and a white wall. Anaïs was also wearing a dress which was simple and easy to remove. We started using it before to release her breast : no need to untie the ropes because the clothe was closed behind the neck. After her boobs have been exposed, I brought my black clothespins to pinch those lovely nipples. She finished the session totally bound on the floor : Anaïs wanted to be hogtied then I found a way to please her needs without loosing my access to her crotch for the vibrator. I was shooting alone but we captured some nice videos too … I took several good pictures having my camera in one hand and the vibrator in my other hand. I don’t like the last pictures about the hogtie position: I was a bit tired and my shots were not good enough. I think Anaïs was exhausted too … I didn’t spare her with the magic wand ! You should be interested by the evolution of this session : in the beginning, Anaïs was looking like a student with her black dress and glasses … step by step, her attitude changed and the pleasure offered some nice expressions to capture and even more. I really like few pics while she’s getting vibed and the ones shot just after I stopped the vibrator for a while. My camera was almost on the floor and the perspective was really cool : her legs were spread but, because we decided she would keep her panties on, we obtained something better. Erotica isn’t what you see but everything you guess like the lingerie slipping between her intimate lips, event more after the vibrator challenged the bound woman for several minutes. It was a nice mix of colors … pink for the skin, purple for the ropes. The whole series is not perfect but you should like to watch it.

shot on 2006, May 20
published on Captive Culture


photo series 239-01


photo series 252-01

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