photo series 187-04

photo series 187-04

85 images starring Dana + Rachel Paine
available to download


Year 2005 : Rachel and Michael came in Paris to shoot for Captive Culture … Dana got a unique experience and exciting week of bondage with my guests : we decided to do something special to end the 2nd day. We shot four photo series finishing by this intense session : there was something special in the air … the two girls were close after all these scenes playing together and we were two riggers able to bind their bodies. Michael Viking and Jerome Duplessis rigging Rachel Paine and Dana Carlier : both of us were inspired and we had something strict in mind. Quickly, our ropework became tight and unescapable for the bound girls : we mixed the feeling of pleasure and discomfort to the limits. Dana and Rachel has been tied till exhaustion, late in the evening. You never forget this kind of moment : we were exploring our kingdom with two beautiful ladies in subspace. If you follow my work, you already know some pictures about this set. The one I decided to share today is very nice because it shows the level of restraint experienced by Dana … don’t think it was more comfortable for Rachel, she was also nicely challenged by the position. In the end, Michael even had to cut his ropes for the first time ! After they got released, the pain was strong in their arms but Dana and Rachel was closer than before. They shared something strong side by side and that was very nice to watch. We got lot of fun working shooter together several days and that’s still one of my best memories nowadays. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures even their quality isn’t good enough for me.

shot on 2005, March 17
published on Captive Culture


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    1. I understand your taste about Rachel, she was a great model. I met her for the first time when I travaled to Las Vegas for the BondCon on year 2004. I was already in contact with Jewel Evans and got the chance to meet Rachel Paine when I went to the convention. Because we had a nice contact and common friend, we have been able to work together later.


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