photo series 186-04

photo series 186-04

95 images starring Dana + Rachel Paine
available to download


Here is the first set we did for Captive Culture when Rachel Paine and Michael Viking who visited us in March 2005 … it was time for Dana to be gagged, bound and teased. That was also a “first time” day : indeed, I never used jute ropes before and I immediately loved it. Same for Dana … this material made Dana crazy because it was a little bit itchy. Maybe this fact gave me the idea to tie her feet and her crotch ! It was the first time in Paris for Rachel Paine who came for her birthday. When we finished the shooting, we organized a dinner to celebrate this special day. Of course, it was the first time Dana has been dominated by an american model too … and she discovered how Rachel is skilled to torture a cute girl ! She’s an expert in nipple pulling : I thought Dana would never stop moaning under her expert fingers. You will notice I built a strict immobilization to please Dana. Rachel quickly took the control of this french girl who was going to learn more about her kinky side. I bet she didn’t forget how her limits slightly moved during this week playing with our american guest ! There was a strong feeling between the two models, maybe because they were looking like two sisters : slim body, long hair and a similar taste for bondage and domination. Michael and my friend ALain took the pictures while I was working on the bondage. Of course, I brought my camera back when my hands were not busy with ropes. Oh, I almost forgot, it was also the first time we used nylon body stocking for shooting … simple but efficient outfit, especially for bondage sessions. No need to explain US producers had a lot of toys we were not used to have in France at this period. I remember when Rachel filled the mouth of Dana with this beautiful ball-gag. I asked Rachel to take some gags in her suitcase when we planned the trip. I didn’t have gags like this in my collection and it gave me the motivation to find a good ball-gag manufacturer in europe. When Dana saw the ball, she thought it wouldn’t be a piece of cake to be gagged but, finally, the ball was really comfortable and the soft leather didn’t hurt her lips. Like me, I bet you love when a ball-gag looks big and the mouth is wide open ! Watching the pictures, you can guess the feeling of Dana about the gag. If you don’t know it yet, Dana Carlier and Rachel Paine had a mutual crush and were perfectly matching together. On my point of view, Dana has never been so cute and so hot than during these photo sessions with Rachel. For several days, she has been nicely teased and revelaed her kinky side in front of the camera. It has been a great experience for us and we got a lot of fun with our american friends … time is moving so fast, it was 12 years ago but it’s still in our mind.

shot on 2005, March 16
published on Captive Culture


photo series 187-04


188-02 archive session

4 Replies to “photo series 186-04”

  1. What an excellent shot! Rachel Paine is one of my favourite fetish models (though I prefer her in submissive role) and Dana is lovely too – you can clearly see the connection between the two ladies. You did some great rope work there! The gag was a nice addition – drool on the body stocking looks extremely hot. Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. thank you for the feedback … I was also used to see Rachel as the submissive but like some others kinky women, she has both sides. She had a crush for Dana and it was mutual sincenthey met each other one year before during our trip to Las Vegas. Rachel was clearly ready to push Dana out of her limits !


  2. Wow, that’s a sparkling domination between Rachel and Dana! I love the authentic play between those redheads and the fire in the scene. It looks wonderful how Dana is tied tightly and inescapable in different positions and her lips are enclosing the large red ballgag with chin strap. (beside looking great on Dana does these gags prevent spitting out?). Many Tanks!


    1. indeed, this one has been memorable for us, Rachel and Dana were made to play together and their mutual attraction added something interesting to watch. Same for the difference between the two girls, Rachel was more experienced and kinky than Dana and challenged her iike a professional american bondage model who was also living the BDSM lifestyle in her private life. Dana quickly understood that our sessions would be more intense during those days. Oh, and yes, this ball-gag is beautiful and the chin strap helps to make it unescapable;


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